The way I thanked them was to keep their fight for freedom going…


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I have a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies.  Most women/girls know little, or nothing, about the brave and dedicated women who came before them because what women did is NOT taught in schools.  Now days, a few well known women are sometimes MENTIONED, but our herstory IS NOT TAUGHT.  Without knowing what our foremothers gave up so that we could get an education, vote, work, own property and have right to keep our children, we can’t understand why it’s important to keep fighting for women’s rights.  We worked to get Title IX passed because Title IX gives girls the right to play sports and get funding.  It’s so important that females know that the rights they have today, and often take for granted, were fought for by women who had to break all the rules just to speak in public.  I’m grateful to these courageous women for what they did and for all women.  Warriors, each and every one

One thing we all need to remember is that when women were on the streets, fighting for their rights to LIVE, they were fighting from NOTHING, THEY WERE NOT PRIVILEGED, they had no POWER, they had NO MONEY, but they did it anyway.  They faced ridicule, beatings, being jailed and they were shunned, all so that women could be free.  Men HAD THE POWER TO STOP THEM but the women would not QUIT they would not GIVE UP, they did it for US, for their children and their children and all the girls who would be born after they were gone.  They were shinning stars that would not  stop because they wanted a better world for those who came after them.  Amazing women and THAT is exactly why nothing is taught about them BECAUSE THEY HAD NOTHING AND WERE AMAZING AND FOUGHT AND NEVER STOPPED UNTIL THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED AND THE MEN COULDN’T STOP THEM.  I WANT THAT AGAIN.

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2 Responses to The way I thanked them was to keep their fight for freedom going…

  1. Very true. We shouldn’t be wasting our heritage

    • No we should’t and we need to pass our herstory along to our children…boys and girls alike. Boys grow up thinking women aren’t heroic and amazing because no one ever taught them that they have always been those things.

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