Art and the philosophy of life


Chicago Botanic Garden

This rosebud is never going to open.  It is shriveling, it’s petals thin and weak.  As soon as I saw it it made me think of all the people who are exactly like this bud, all the people who will never open.  Those people who are born, but never become.  They begin to die before ever living.  Unlike the bud, which is dying from blight or from weather conditions, people often die on the vine because of fear.  Fear of any number of things.  This flower showed me what it looks like to be one of those people.

Comments on: "Rosebud…" (12)

  1. It is sad to watch someone frozen by fear but that is the way it goes for many and nothing can change it……no reasoning for sure.

  2. Stunning and I agree with you so much. I was like that but am starting to become who I really am – an artist. And it is fun to see where this will take me.

  3. It does me too Bling! When I see this I always wonder! Always! 😀 I love what you wrote here! 😀

  4. Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    Such a poignant post…I had to share.

  5. Wow, Gigi, this is wonderful. I really feel this one. I immediately thought of a couple people…

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