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Melanie’s new book is about surviving childhood sexual abuse. Her words are raw, honest and powerful. It is a book that gives a voice to those who were never heard. It is a book that everyone should read.


I’m happy to announce my second collection of poetry, Moonpies & Naugahyde: A Childhood Survived,  is now available!!

Fabulous watercolor paintings by Georgiann Carlson accompany my poems throughout, creating a book I am extremely proud of!

Since October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month, I can think of no better time to release it.

M&N Announcement

3 options available now on Amazon:

Note the 3 “versions” are not all linking up on Amazon correctly so I am providing the individual links below each option 🙂

1-Full Color Edition: Watercolor Illustrations presented in Full Color

This is the way this collection is meant to be experienced!

Get it here!

2-Black & White Edition: Watercolor Illustrations presented in Greyscale

(Producing the book in full color made it a little pricey so offering this B&W option)


3-Ebook for your Kindle, iPad, etc.


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Comments on: "Moonpies & Naugahyde: A Childhood Survived" (13)

  1. Thank you so very much 🙂

  2. Ordered this morn –
    beautiful imagery perfect for the somber story behind (very sorry Melanie had to go through this ordeal in her life)

  3. Heartafire said:

    I plan to read this very soon. Congratulations Melanie, and to you Gigi, you fabulous artist!

  4. You are so very generous. Thank you. She’s a wonderful poet and my watercolors just happened to fit nicely with her work. 🙂

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