Art and the philosophy of life

The dragons screamed and flew lower, alerting Merlin that something was amiss.

Pansy held up her hands.  “It’s just the others,” she said in a panic.

“The others?” asked Edith.  “What others?”

“I told the faeries, who disagreed with the King, that they could come here and to fight or be safe.  They’re here. I TRIED to tell you but with all the interruptions, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.”

Edith opened the door and saw over a hundred faeries standing quietly, waiting to be invited in.

“Uh,” said Pansy, looking sheepish.  “More may be on their way.”

“I see,” said Edith, turning to stare at Merlin.

“Come in, come in,” he said smiling.  “There’s room for everyone.”

“There is?” asked Edith, watching the faeries pouring through the door.

“Yes, yes,” he said happily.  “I just added a huge dormitory onto the back of the building a minute ago. Plenty of room for everybody.”

“Please follow Tilly,” said Edith, pointing to her.  “She will show you were to put your things and help you settled in.”

“I will?” asked Tilly, a lost look on her face.

“Yes, just follow cat, he knows where to go.”

“This way,” said Tilly, waving her ams above her head.  “This way, please” she said walking behind cat.

“I see faeries, pinned to a wall, like beautiful butterflies,” said Dali, making a square in front of his face with his hands.  “Yes, like butterflies, a collection of faeries but with rats biting their feet and a dead tree in the background, it’s branches holding more faeries.  And a snake, dripping blood from the feet of the fae…”

“Dali,” said Edith.  “PLEASE go into the other room.  It’s quite crowded in here and it would be greatly appreciated if you would MOVE.”

“As you wish,” he said, “but there will be flowers, yellow with pink centers and bees….”

“How long is he staying?” asked Merlin.

Edith shrugged.  “Too long.  He creeps me out sometimes.  Faeries like butterflies?”

“He has a vision that only he can see.”

“Everything is melting all the time,” sighed Edith, “and he always wants me to hang his pictures in the foyer over my counter.”

Merlin laughed.  “I think the melting just shows us that nothing is static and….”

“Excuse me,” said a lovely faerie.  “Where can I stable my dragonfly?”

“There is a dragonfly stable in the back,” said Merlin, pointing to his left, “behind your quarters.  You will find everything you need to make her happy.”

“Thank you,” said the faerie, who got back into his saddle and aimed his dragonfly at the back door.

“Look,” said Chicago, dumping more ashes onto the counter.  “Another deck.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” asked Lance.  “Is there anymore cake?”

“No and no,” sighed Edith, reaching in the wire basket on her desk.  “Degas wants a water lilly in his room and three books on the color blue.”  Edith put the paper into a contraption that seemed to eat the order and suddenly the books were on her counter with a note saying that the waterlily had been delivered.  The dog came by and Edith put the books into his basket and he trotted off.  Suddenly, music blasted so loudly that Chicago covered her ears.

“What’s THAT?” she screamed.

‘THE PARTY’S STARTING,”yelled Merlin.

Edith walked to the front door and turned the lock.  She had a wicked smile on her face and snapped her fingers.  Merlin looked at her low cut black sequined dress and army boots and inhaled loudly.

“Shall we?” she asked.

Chicago laughed.  “You two need to get a ROOM.”

Merlin grabbed Edith and kissed her with such passion that red hearts floated above their heads.  The White Cat walked in and shook his head.  Tilly came in to tell Edith that the faeries were where they were supposed to be but stopped to watch roses fall from the ceiling.  Merlin pulled away and Edith straightened her dress.  “Dance?” she asked, staring into his eyes.

“Anything,” whispered Merlin.  “Anything at all.”

Tilly had her hands over her heart.  Chicago stood smiling.  The White Cat had fallen asleep and all seemed right with the world, which is always the perfect time to PARTY, you know, when all seems right with the world, only for a few hours.




Comments on: "Edith O’Connor and The Book Lovers Emporium…25" (6)

  1. I love this! And I want a dragonfly stable. Now. Woof!

    • I’m SO happy you like the story. I kind of forgot about it, when I hurt my finger, but Debbie reminded me so I started it up again. 🙂 The White dog, the sweet one who delivers books, is based on you, don’t forget. 🙂

  2. You can’t even tell I cut part of it off but if I bump it…you can see me flying through the air. It feels weird, not like my finger should but it takes time to get back to normal (whatever that is). LOL Be extra nice to your mom, she has a tough weekend coming up.

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