Art and the philosophy of life

Merlin shoved a crisp peanut butter cookie into his mouth, raised his left hand, mumbled two or three words, crumbs falling down the front of his robe, and made the domed ceiling of his room disappear.  The dragons flew toward the opening and began to circle.  He drank an entire cup of Orange Daisy tea and poured another.  Then he began to pace.  Every now and then he dragons called to him, just to let him know they were still there.  He waved at them and walked through the shadows they cast on the walls and floor.

“Any news?” asked the White Cat.

“Not yet,” said Edith.

“Dali painted a picture of Tilly with tulips falling out of her mouth and a kangaroo and baby elephant in the background.  All of them look as if they are melting.”

“I saw it,” said Edith.  “He wanted me to hang it right here,” she said, pointing to the wall next to her.  “I told him it was too….”

“Someone is lurking in front of the door,” said the cat, jumping off the counter to the floor, his tail swishing back and forth.  “Smells funny.”

“Get back,” hissed Edith, reaching under the counter.  “Move!”

The white cat ran behind the counter and peeked around the corner, as Edith walked toward the door, the  baseball bat held tightly in one hand.  She reached for the doorknob just as the door opened and a young girl, her wings pink and perfect, bumped into her as Edith swung the bat, taking out half the doorjamb.

“I claim sanctuary,” said the girl softly, stepping inside, eyeing the splintered wood.

“What?” said Edith, her heart pounding.

“Sanctuary,” she repeated.  “I claim it.”

“But you’re a faerie,” said Edith.

“Yes.  I know that.”

“Well, of course, you know that,” mumbled Edith, lowering the bat.  “My name is Edith.”

“I’m so very pleased to meet you Miss Edith.  I am called Pansy Willow Tree.  I’m from the Silver Faerie Court.”

“Are you hungry?” asked Edith.

“No,” smiled Pansy.  “But thank you for your kindness.”

“I haven’t done anything yet.”

The White Cat sniffed at the faerie’s legs and the hem of her tunic.  Then he wound around her a few times, rolled onto his back and began to purr.

“I saw the dragons circling,” said Pansy.  “I knew Merlin would be here.”

“Why would you think that?” asked Edith suspiciously.

“I came to help.”

“Help with what?”

“I want to help Merlin stop the faerie’s from subjugating the human race.”

Comments on: "Edith O’Connor and The Book Lovers Emporium…23" (2)

  1. 🙂 I knew the Fae in your story couldn’t be all bad! ❤

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