Art and the philosophy of life

The chicklets would like everyone and all things to live in harmony.  I gently tell them that, for the most part, the human species is incapable of doing that.  They just start at me and ask, “Why?”  It’s so easy for them to love everyone and everything…to be happy, They can’t understand why it’s so impossible for others to feel the same way.  So, they are sending their love out to the world, hoping that it makes a difference.  I hope that it makes a difference as well, somewhere, for someone.

Comments on: "Chicklets want peace for everyone and everything…" (14)

  1. I believe it makes a big difference! ❤

  2. I think they like that!

  3. That are very smart chicklets!!!

  4. Such pretty chicklets!!!!! And we need their help.

  5. Bling I think it does make a difference! ❤ I do! One by one! It makes a difference! ❤

  6. Now if we could just get the chicklets to actually circle the world…what a difference they would make. ❤ 😀

    • True enough. I don’t know how far they would get if they tried. People would chase them and they can’t swim so that’s a problem. Maybe the other animals would bring them to places. They have a lot of friends. “) LOL

  7. Posted this on A4P 🙂

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