Art and the philosophy of life

Bean has researched Flower Chicklets from the 60’s and is fashioning herself after them. Pinkie believes that wars should be fought only by those who start them and never include innocent bystanders, or anyone else at all.  Andrew went on his first raid two days ago where he broke down the door of the Factory Farm and brought all of the hens and their chicklets to freedom.  Everyone is very proud of him.   The chicklets stand for love, honor, acceptance, beauty, creativity, freedom and peace.  They live those things every moment of their lives.  They asked me to tell you that Red, the bird, was also for peace and all good things.  So is her flock.

Comments on: "Bean, Pinkie and Andrew take a stand for Peace…" (22)

  1. Heartafire said:

    right on chicklets! Long live peace!

  2. Executions, too. Governors should have to do each one with their bare hands. Make it honest. It they don’t like it, do the right thing and stop killing people.

    • I always think those who hand down the law or start was should have to take care of their own business. Put all the governmental leaders in a ring and let them fight it out so that regular people don’t have to bury their loved ones while the guys who started it go n vacation.

  3. Yay for the chick lets I love that sign they should fight them all the dudes in the boardroom behind the desk! Hooray for peace!

  4. None of the men who start the wars die, just the loved ones of everyone else.

  5. I’m very proud of all of them! Yay for sweet chicklets who take a stand! 🙂

    • I’ll tell them. They are committed to ending violence and they don’t understand it at all. I’m happy about that. They are kind and gentle and don’t know how to think about bad things.

  6. Snagged and posted on A4P!

  7. May the chicklets rule the world ! Love the sign.

  8. It would be kind of cool…I agree. 🙂

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