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Why do we have to write “reblog,” on things we reblog, even it we posted them over a year ago?

Is it okay to just type “reblog” on something, since I can never find anything among my posts, but know where the actual picture is?  I’m okay with that.

What happens if we don’t write “reblog,” on something?

Is something reblogged if you make changes in the size, etc. of the item?

Any info would be appreciated.  Thank you:)



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  1. Great Question!

    • I need the answers because I really don’t get it. Who cares if something is shown again? After a long time it may be relevant and why do we have to dig through things to find them instead of just saying, hey, I’m showing this again, and get on with it? Just seems time consuming (for me at least because when I started I didn’t really understand what I was doing and didn’t name anything…LOL so I can’t FIND anything). I don’t mind typing reblog on something (if it’s important to someone…???) but to find the original isn’t going to happen.

      • I read more broadly than I write. I love blogging and the community I have been a part of for the variety of topics. I have the voracity to match. That’s why I read wide and often; that’s why I try to share my own comments and opinions. Every time a blogger clicks publish, they are putting themselves out there. If the post is good enough, then I want to make sure they can feel confident enough to write another.

        That’s why, effective immediately, all reblogs will have comments and likes turned off. I’ll make sure to post a direct link to my comment in case anyone wants to reply to me directly, but I ask of you to do so at the original source. That way I can better guarantee people will click since that’s the most important part of the post.

        We should all remember that anything we post on a public blog, we share with the entire world wide web. Keep in mind that even if your blog is read only by your closest friends, if it’s public, the words and photographs on it can be picked up, shared, commented on, promoted, and dissected by everyone from your neighbor to CNN. Because of this, you should never post anything publicly that you would be devastated to find was being shared by someone you don’t know.

        When it comes to reblogging the work of others, it’s good to recognize that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Most bloggers love to have their work shared far and wide, as long as they are credited. If you run across one of the more private bloggers who doesn’t warm to this type of attention, respect their feelings about it, and show your appreciation through a like and a comment on their own blog instead

      • True enough! Everyone should give credit to the person who made the work. Anything else is stealing. Thank you for the advice. Appreciate it very much:)

  2. Here is the deal, in blogging you are entirely free to do whatever creatively pleases you, which is one of the reasons I love blogging so most. Do whatever you want. It is your blog, your mind and your creativity, set it free and enjoy!

  3. I agree with Cindy – your blog, your rules – do whatever makes sense to you (& that might even be different ways of reblogging at different times. I think that level of freedom one of my favorite things about blogging 🙂

  4. I started blogging last spring and i had maybe 20-50 readers at that time. Now I have more than a thousand, so I reblogged 3-4 posts as follow-ups when I posted again about the same subject. I think it is OK since I didn’t want to repeat myself in my new post. I am thinking of reblogging more of my early posts, so that they are not left unread 🙂 Everybody does what they find more productive. Some people post a photo at a time, once a day or hour. I do my blog once a week and post average 20 photographs. What is better? Depends on your liking – it is your project 🙂

    • Great. That’s just what I want to do…put some of the things I posted in the beginning on now, since, as you said, no one saw them when we started. 🙂 I’m going to do it. And you’re right…I don’t want to say the same thing I said before about the art so I’ll just use the pictures and begin again. 🙂

  5. Great question. I do know that there are food and writing blogs that specifically say, Do Not Reblog. And that’s okay.

    • I was just talking about reblogging my own work. Things I posted when I first started blogging. I don’t think I made that clear, but that’s what I meant:)

  6. Bling there are no rules really! I think when we all started blogging and didn’t have many followers there was so much not seen and shared! Repurposing, rewriting, reblogging or revisiting whatever you feel like doing! I know journalist that re-run stories with updates! I think that makes a subject or a post memorable! I like that idea a lot! I love this ? Too

    • Oh good. I have some things from when I started that no one really saw and I want to use them again but can’t find the original post. I’m just going to put them on again. I can say reblog and that will be that. Thanks Bling. ❤

      • Exactly or just act like it’s a new one because no one will know! But I was thinking about those houses you build and all of that! I know your earlier work not many saw! 😀

  7. No answers. 😦 I hate the words blog n reblog LoL!!! ~~F

    • Me too and I can’t FIND anything. I’m just going to put some of the things from the past on my blog and write reblog on the top. LOLOL It’s so silly. Hope your son is doing great even thought school has started again:)

  8. As long as it is your work do whatever you like 😀
    I didn’t get a rulebook when i started LOL and if i had i probably would have thrown it out 🙂

  9. Most definitely.

  10. I don’t think you have to write “reblog” — that means you are putting up an old post. If you are just reusing a picture that was up before, then that’s a new post, even if it may look like an earlier post. I occasionally reuse pictures that are in my media folder if they fit a new poem or post of whatever. I also agree with Cindy that you can do what you want. It do think there’s an etiquette. I know other bloggers who have reblogged older material once their readership had increased – Ajaytao used to do it. Remember him? He was upfront about why he was doing it. I mostly reblog the work of others, if it fits into my niche. I use contents pages to try to keep the older work available, but I’m not sure anyone ever looks at those, and I’ve fallen WAY behind listing stuff. 🙂

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