Gigi Appreciation Day- part 3

This is part 1 from Melanie for my birthday. She’s so generous and wonderful and I’m so very grateful.


One of the things I admire and love about Gigi is the unapologetic, passionate way she takes a stand and speaks up.

Gigi Speaking UP!

war is hell but…

what some people never think about is that females live in a war zone for their entire lives and the war NEVER ends.  There is no place for females to “return to,” no going “home.”  Home is sometimes the worst hell of all.   It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what you have, it only matters that you are female.

I was talking to a vet at the WALL in DC.  I said that if they made a WALL for women who had been killed by men, or women and children who had been tortured, raped  and abused by men, or women and children who had been beaten by men, the wall would never end and you would…

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2 Responses to Gigi Appreciation Day- part 3

  1. 🙂

    This was part 3…I think you actually missed part 1 LOL

  2. LOL I’ll fix it. 🙂 Thank you:)

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