Art and the philosophy of life

IMG_3550“My mom said that if you look for happy surprises everyday you’ll always find them,” chirped Virginia.

“My mom said that if you eat peanut butter your beak will stick together,” peeped Marty.

“Moms’ know everything,” woofed Wags



They all agreed, then went off the the Art Center to make puppets for their puppet show.

Comments on: "Marty, Virginia and Wags…" (24)

  1. Heartafire said:

    So cute. The biggest laugh forme cause my grandma wouldn’t let me eat peanut butter alone Afraid I might choke I love grandmas

  2. I bet she’s having fun with my grandmother:) Maybe there’s a special place for fabulous grandma’s where they all go to talk about their grandchildren, eat sweet rolls and have the best time. My grandma read comic books to me and we had chocolate soda’s and she read cards and tea leaves. I adored her. Still do. I hope she meets your grandma and they can chat.

  3. laurie27wsmith said:

    It’s hard to go “WOOF” if you’ve eaten peanut butter. 🙂

  4. I love this mother wisdom. Also peanut butter does stick in your throat when you eat it from a spoon! I love to do that and on bananas. Very smart Chicklet moms! I love it when kids say my mom said this! My mom said if you eat cake batter you get worms! Yikes! I know that wasn’t true! I’m laughing ! ❤ I love this Bling! ❤

    • I eat peanut butter all the time. PB&J is one of my favorites. Deb eats if off the spoon. I just lick the knife and try not to cut myself 🙂 Chicklet moms’ are very smart and the chicklets know that 🙂 ❤ Now if human children knew that our jobs would be a lot easier. ❤

      • Bling please don’t tell me you lick the knife! No sharp objects! You are grounded from them till you heal! 😄😄😄 Chicklets sure make wonderful conversations! 😄😄💜

      • I’ll stop. It’s a stupid thing to do and every time I do it I think that this will be the time I cut myself. You’re absolutely right. I won’t do it anymore, no matter how good the peanut butter looks:) Thanks Bling. ❤

      • OH Bling I just saw this and had to stop and read your comment! I thought after I left it well that bossy of me. But then I couldn’t bare anything happening to you! Just your wee pinky is enough to worry me! You are fearless! I love that about. Sorry for my bossy pants! 😀 LOL

      • No, you were right…not bossy. I would have said the same thing. Thank you. LOL I think you stopped me from cutting myself:)

      • Ooooo I know you would! We have to watch out for Bling sisters they get their eye on the sparkle and do funny things! 💜😄

      • I knew it was a bad idea and I kept getting warning signs that I should stop so you were the final warning and I stopped. 🙂

  5. So adorable. I am always telling my daughter I know what’s best. Hehe

  6. Wonderful and glad to see Michelle got you to stop licking knives LOL Spoons are perfectly acceptable though 🙂 I do that all the time!

    • I live on the edge…pun intended. I did have a really bad feeling that my time was up and I was going to cut myself, so no more. LOL Bad habit but I see that peanut butter and jelly and slurp. 🙂

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