Cirque Du Chicklet continues…

Moonbeam and Lacey are working with rings.  Moonbeam is the ring handler and Lacey is his assistant.  Moonbeam fits easily through the opening of both rings and has worked up quite a routine.  He has chosen New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel, for his music and Lacey said that Moonbeam is very talented.  Her job is to flutter around him as he roles and slips through the rings.  Lacey’s sister Marie made their costumes.

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6 Responses to Cirque Du Chicklet continues…

  1. AWE Bling I love these names! So wonderful! Moonbeam! I love that!

  2. So cute and adorable. They really do brighten up my day

  3. (▰˘◡˘▰) beautiful as always

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