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Stop Animal Abuse

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I don’t like people who abuse animals of any kind.

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  1. When I notified the owners of an animal hospital we used to take our cats that two of their techs I witnessed grossly mistreating and abusing my Karma by sticking him with the same needle for a blood draw FIVE times, blowing his vein and NOT stopping …. I was kicked out of that hospital and was told by one of the owners how terrible I am as a client. You do NOT want to know how upset I was about this and how horrible it feels to have no power to do anything about this. They made sure my reputation was smeared, that and the fact vet medicine is SO powerful NO ONE wins against them. Oh yes my blood boils when I know of or see animal abuse. I always have and will try to do what is right and to end it. That hospital in some way will be brought down! They will be closed, and when that day comes I will rejoice AND I will tell my story to the local paper here.

    • Terrible experience for sure. You should tell your story. Maybe you could save others from the same fate. Debbie and I were Animal Rights Activists for years and years. Demonstrating, picketing, leafletting, the whole thing. Getting rid of furriers, rodeos, LABS AND THE TORTURE THEY NEVER STOP INFLICTING. Hunting and well you know, all the rest. It’s a never ending story of pain, fear, suffering and torture that leads to death. Humans are a terrible species.

      • I know, Gigi. I’m in a very hard place. If I push this forward, no vet will want to touch me. That and this hospital made sure that if anyone came to them inquiring about what I am stating, their story would sound like I am quite the awful person and not to be trusted. Shocked to my core, believe me that the very vet I had worked with for years would lie to save herself. I really thought by contacting the owners these techs would be fired. I was so wrong. What do I do, Gigi? Medicine has gotten so all powerful. If it were only me, I would shout about this BUT I have 14 special needs cats who do require a vet’s care now and then. I have seen a very odd occurrence over the years …. businesses that have cheated me or have not been on the up and up, have gone out of business. I kid you not. This is how I know this hospital will be shut down, and until they are, I pray for those animals that are taken into this nightmare of a hospital.

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  3. I do know exactly what you mean and it;s a terrible situation. Things have changed so much over the years Amy. Honor, respect and even manners have almost disappeared. Common courtesy seems to be missing as well. You see those things now and then but not often. The government is the perfect example of what you’re describing. When caught doing something wrong they lie and create stories that make the person telling the truth look as if he or she is the bad person. They have always done it but they do a lot of bad things now so it’s more obvious and the bad part (as in your case) a lot of people believe them. You absolutely have to take care of the cats first. I understand why you can’t come forward at this time. You have to have a vet for them and the fact that this vet would do what he did shows exactly how little he actually cares about animals. It’s a good thing you found out before something terrible happened. Good luck with the bad situation.

  4. Gigi, I thank you for reblogging this post.

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