Art and the philosophy of life

“I told you not to drink Blue Moon,” sighed Edith, watching Tilly stagger into the room.

“What gave it away?” whispered Tilly, squinting, trying to hold her head on with her hands.

“Your lips are blue.”

“Oh.  Oh, yeah.”

“Did you have fun?” asked Edith, merrily.

“I can’t believe Jimi dedicated the Star Spangled Banner, to YOU.”

“Why not?”

“Is there anyone you DON’T know?

Edith thought for a minute and then said, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Greatest concert EVER,” said Tilly, lowering herself to the floor.  “No doubt about it.”

“Yes, it was wonderful,” agreed Edith, a far away look in her eyes.

“You can really sing.  You rocked the house,” smiled Tilly.  “I thought Keith was going to take a bite out of you.”

“Oh, no.  We don’t do that anymore,” said Edith, warmly.

“You and Keith? When do you have the time?  You’re always HERE!”

“I Hop dear.  I Hop,” she snickered, putting books into the White Dog’s basket.  “Please take these to room 309,” said Edith, to the Dog.  “Tell the recipient that I’ll send tea up in a moment.”

The White Dog nodded and toddled away, pulling his wicker cart behind him.

“Who’s in 309?” asked Tilly ”

“You’ll find out tonight.”

“Last night I saw Miss Marple in the hallway leading to the Room of Mysteries.  It’s possible that I just drank too much Blue Moon, however, so don’t take my word for it.”

“She’s here.  She’s working on a case and needed some information,” said Edith.  “Sir Gawain is here as well.  His steed is in the barn.”

“He brought his horse?”

“He rode his horse,” said Edith.

“Old school?” asked Tilly.

“Definitely,” nodded Edith.

“Merlin certainly had the crowd’s attention when he spoke about the war,” sighed Tilly.  “No one wants to go to war.”

“Some do, that’s the problem.”

“Can’t we all just live together peacefully?  Why can’t the faerie folk live with us in this reality, they seem very nice.”

“They can’t live with us for several reasons,” said Edith.  “They have too much power for one thing.   They could use their magic on humans and no one would even know.  They feel that we are far less than they are, and if you consider their magick, they’re right.  But humans have things they don’t have.”

“Such as?”

“We can lie,” laughed Edith.  “They can’t.  But they can twist words and make you believe they are saying something they aren’t.  We don’t have Rulers we must answer to but they are gorgeous, graceful and faster than you can imagine.  They don’t like humans except as prey or to use in their games.”

“Ah,” smirked Tilly, “the good the bad and the beautiful.”

“Very beautiful.  Amazingly beautiful,” said Edith. “But more than that, they could take over, use us for procreation, and turn us into their servants and make us like it.  The faeries you have met are under a geas that prohibits them from using magick on humans, or tricking them in any way.”

“So, if there’s war and the faeries win….”

“Yes, Tilly, things will go badly for humans.

You have no idea how badly,” hissed the Cheshire Cat, his smile appearing over the end of the counter.   “I’m hoping they win,” he purred.

Edith placed a pinch of Nip under the smile and watched it disappear.

Edith, my love,” said the cat, coming in to view, rolling in the Nip.  “You spoil me.”

“I spoil everyone Ches,” said Edith, rubbing his ears.”

Did you see the invisible trio last night?” he asked, flopping on to his side.  “I was one of the only ones who could see them.”

Edith and Tilly snickered.  “Of corse you were,” said Edith.

They’re here, you know,” said the Cat, lazily.  “More Nip, pleeeezzzzee,” he begged, his eyes starting to close.

Edith gave him another pinch and said, “Who’s here?”

The Cat looked around and waved her closer with his front paw.  “The Fae.  I saw three of them at the party last night.”

“Free Fae?” asked Edith.

The cat nodded and fell asleep.

“They’re here,” said Edith.  “They got into the Bookstore.  That means they got through the Wards, through the Magick.”

“That’s not possible,” said Tilly, grinning.  “No one can do that, right?”

“MERLIN,” screamed Edith.


Comments on: "Edith Olive O’Connor and the Book Lovers Emporium…21" (28)

  1. I think Merlin let them in! That’s funny! He’s quite a character! Cats are funny about catnip! Funny how that works Bling! Yay for Edith she reminds me of you!

  2. Jennifer said:

    Any chance you’re going to illustrate this book?????????? All those ??????????? mean I think you should.

    • Maybe…if I turn it into a book…and I’m thinking about it:) Thank you Rachel…for always being so supportive. 🙂

      • Jennifer said:

        What do you mean IF YOU TURN IT INTO A BOOK???????????? GAH!!!!!! OF COURSE YOU WILL!

      • LOL You’re so funny. You should write a knitting book and use pictures of your work. A sock book in the shape of a sock. How fabulous would that be? You could talk about your experiences and have people laughing hysterically while learning to knit socks. So many of those kinds of books are so PROPER and BORING but you could rock it big time with your sidebars and witty experience about ripping and starting over and about your love affair with yarn. Think about it. 🙂

      • Jennifer said:

        Wait till you see the new surface design stuff with soy wax and dye …… may head back to the art quilting world!

      • Okay, now that’s exciting!!! I’m so looking forward to your designs! Do it for sure!!!! It’s such a big part of who your are:)

      • Jennifer said:

        I’m so EXCITED! I am anxiously awaiting my soy wax crayons and I’m plotting colors. I already have tons of silk I bought to make clothes (like silk goes with jeans and a tee shirt) and those silks are going to be on the wall too!

      • I can’t wait to see what you do with everything. Really looking forward to your designs and colors. 🙂 I’m so happy you’re getting back into it. I’m thinking of stating to cook again. I have gorgeous French Cookbooks and do nothing but look at the photographs. I think I’ll make some of the recipes. I’ll let you know if I actually do it.

      • Cooking is so creative ….. it’s the in-between stuff I like to do to recharge my batteries ……… putzing around with chopping vegetables and kneading bread and putting stuff together gives me time to plot. Which might not be that good for either of us ……… we seem to be able to plot any old time!

      • I haven’t cooked in soooooooo long. I’m not promising that I will but I think I’ll try it. I don’t know about the kind of stuff you do but I’ll start small. 🙂

      • I love Tassajara cookbooks for everything vegetarian, also use Laurel’s Kitchen a lot and the Vegetarian Epicure books 1 through 3 although Book 1 is back when everybody used butter eggs and cheese as viable food for humans. Not that I don’t eat them, it’s just not every meal can be butter, eggs and cheese! 🙂 Nothing I do is complex!

      • Sounds Interesting. I’m going French:) Stay tuned.

      • There are many wonderful French cookbooks although I haven’t seen a vegetarian one – I’m sure they’re out there somewhere! You can cook without chopping off your fingers – I know you can. You can do anything.

      • The French Vegetarian cookbook I have looks good. I used to cook all the time then I just stopped then I stopped some more and now I don’t cook at all. Being in Paris make me want to start again. I think I can do it without chopping anything off so I’ll wait a couple weeks and try to do something:)

      • Jennifer said:

        And I baked bread today – 4 loaves in the oven as I type!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh, drool. You are too much. Four loaves!!!! Do you freeze some for later? Are you going to put pictures on your blog so I can see them????

      • Jennifer said:

        Arf arf. Yes I stuck 3 loaves in the freezer. They turned out gigantic. Now if I can just stay away from the butter!

      • LOL Good luck with that:)

      • Butter should be a banned substance.

      • I don’t even buy it. But, if I start cooking…I will.

      • When I found out margarine was bad for you I said YAY and went out and got butter!!!!!!!!

      • you’re so funny. I can see you running to the store and loading up on butter. I never even buy it.

  3. Oh, this is getting more and more intriguing. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  4. That sounds like one helluva concert! Just one more reason to want to live at the Emporium!!!

    oh and free fae on the loose!….whatever will happen…..

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