The Black Knight Satellite…

It has been circling the earth (as far as we know) since the 30s but some think is’ 13,000 years old.  It’s orbiting the earth in the polar orbit which makes it an observational satellite.  Astronomers have heard strange radio signals coming from it and we have seen it when our people are up there.  No one knows who put it there or what it’s doing but it’s definitely NOT from earth.  There are pictures of it.    The government was not happy when the story broke and people found out about it in 1954..   So what is it?  Who put it there?  What is it doing and why?  Observing but why and for who?

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12 Responses to The Black Knight Satellite…

  1. I am a skeptic. Southern Colorado is known for it’s numerous ‘sightings’ of alien spacecraft, UFO’s and unexplainable ‘events.’ I need to be “beamed up” in order to question this phenomenon.

    Surely there are fantastic mysteries within the universe, but I can’t get worked up over this baby. Of course, if I fail to post anything after this post, you may well learn that I was an ignorant and misguided fool.

    It was a fun read, though, and I’m human and not the brightest bulb in the box.

  2. LOLOL If you go missing we will send out a search party:) I believe tis but that doesn’t mean it’s true. I definitely believe in UFOs, not a doubt in my mind:) I never want to be beamed up…nope, not ever. 🙂

  3. RMW says:

    I like the 13,000 year old theory!

  4. So intriguing…sooo many questions. I’ve been looking at a bunch of conflicting info…

    • It’s hard to know what disinformation the government puts out to make people look the other way. They use all kinds of methods to lie to us, so you never know. That’s why I like to believe the weirder side, because the people who own the press and media are puppets for the people I don’t like. LOL

  5. Interesting article! Thanks.

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