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Edward and Muffin

IMG_2818“My mom said that what doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger,” chirped Edward.  “She said it just makes you miserable, unhappy, depressed, broken and destroys the joy you once had in life to the point that you often wish whatever it was, did kill you.”

“What does that mean?”

“I think it means that it’s better not to have anything try and kill you.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” chirped Muffin.  “Why didn’t she just say that in the beginning?”

Edward shrugged.  “You know how moms’ are.”

“Want some cotton candy?”

“Sure.” chirped Edward.  “So don’t let anything try and kill you.”

“Promise,” peeped Muffin.  “You either.”






Comments on: "Edward and Muffin" (29)

  1. Sooooooo cute……

  2. This is fantastically adorable.

  3. Oh wow Bling I love that Chicklet logic! This is so cute! 😀 ❤
    It reminds me when I said to my Pa….Hey Pa it hurts when I do this…he said then don't do that! That made so much sense to my brain! Like this makes sense to my brain!
    I never liked that when people said that to me whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Also another god never gives us more then we can handle…that is dumb yes yes a lot happens that we can't handle but WE WOMAN UP and handle it! 😀 ❤ That's how I feel too Bling! Like what Edward's mom said! She's a smart Chicklet mom! 😀 ❤

    • I love what you said Bling:) So true. I agree 100%. None of that stuff makes any sense.

      • Bling I keep thinking of that SHE I saw at your house! I love that so much! So powerful! It’s so true SHE is powerful, SHE never has to man up or anything like that SHE’s already scattered, smothered and covered in grace and meekness which makes her more powerful then anything to me! I love that! ❤ I love you~

      • SHE is the Willendorf Goddess. “In the beginning…” There was the Goddess…worshipped and loved by ALL. She was the answer and everyone had her image in their home or on their person. SHE was the first and always will be. You can look her up. 🙂 I’m happy you love her. Love you too Bling.

      • I love that so much! I need to check that out and get something like this! 😀 ❤

      • 🙂 Look up pictures of her on line and you can put them on the fridge:)

      • I’m going to do that Bling for sure! 😀

    • Michelle…I so agree that whole “…never gives us more then we can handle” concept is ridiculous.

      • That’s why the suicide rate continues to CLIMB in all age groups…BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN. OMG why is that so hard to understand? I think more people are on drugs than every before…they can’t handle their lives any more. Far too many people are given more than they can handle and people shouldn’t HAVE to handle so much. What is the point?

      • So true! It’s rough I think because Platitudes are so easy to say but when someone is suffering they want real not fluffy hollow words I feel. Or silence I think that is most hurtful when no one says a word while you suffer. So I’ve had both and all of the above and it changed how I feel about a lot of things! This life is a wonderful learning lesson! 😀

      • I agree. Sometimes there are no words that can help someone but platitudes are generic beliefs that are meaningless and don’t even make sense.

      • So true! So I try to just keep silent and be present! That is best anyway! 😀 ❤

  4. yea…i totally agree

  5. So wise and so cute.

  6. It’s the other way round. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  7. Absolutely!!! ❤

    I detest these supposed good/motivational/inspirational sayings.

    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" NOPE…just causes pain, weakness, anger…and everything else the wise chicklets said.

  8. posting on A4P 8/15

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