Art and the philosophy of life

IMG_2834The chicklets were on their way home from a luau when they started talking about humans again.

“My mom said that we have to stay away from humans because they believe that they have the right to decide who gets to live or die,” chirped Clarence.  “She said they hate us.”

“What did we do to them?” peeped Roxy.

“Nothing,” chirped Clarence.  “They just hate us, that’s why they treat us the way they do.”

“Well, my mom said that if aliens from another planet attacked the earth,  all the wars would stop so that everyone could fight against the aliens.  As soon as they were finished killing them, which my mom said would never happen, they would start to kill each other again,” peeped Roxy.

“What’s a alien?” chirped James.

“Someone who lives underground at Area 51 in Nevada,” peeped Roxy.

“What’s Neveda?” chirped James.

“I have no idea,” chirped Clarence honestly.  “None at all.”

“Do you think they sell food there?” chirped James.

“Maybe,” answered Clarence.

“I’d like some popcorn,” chirped James

“The kitchen’s still open,” chirped Clarence.

“Maybe if humans stopped fighting for a while and had more snacks they would be happy like we are,” peeped Roxy.

“I don’t think so,” chirped Clarence, shaking his head.  “My mom said they’re broken.”






Comments on: "Clarence, James and Roxy" (9)

  1. OMG Bling I laughed outloud at James! What’s an alien? The area 51 in Nevada. That made me laugh out loud! Angel thought it was time to go outside so now I have to go! ☕❤☺

    • LOLOL That’s so funny, she thought you were taking her for a walk. LOL Hope you had fun.

      • She always does! With the fire crackers it’s been take a fast run to the street or front yard and then run inside for cover! She’s moving like she’s stealth close to the ground! 😀 LOL

      • It’s so weird when animals go “stealth” o us but that’s sometimes a good sign to duck and cover…LOL They know more than we do.

  2. They do have their priorities straight don’t they. We should listen to them more.

    • They do…the love each other, care about each other, help each other, eat, play, party, and enjoy everything, everyday. They believe in Peace and Kindness, helpfulness and sharing. They are always happy for others and never have a negative thought. They are openminded and they accept everyone for who they are. They see the beauty in everything. LOL That’s what it’s like to be a chicklet.

  3. The chicklets are so wise! They would be completely on board for your proposed funnel cake day of peace!!! 😀

  4. Posting on 8/15 🙂

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