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This sweetie was sitting on the railing of the bridge going into the Japanese Garden.  Bling and I watched him for a while because we were afraid he might be in trouble.  He let us get very close.  He was singing and just sitting there enjoying the day.  He looked brand new and fluffy.  We wondered where his mom was.

People were crossing from the other side and still he sat.  And then, as our concerns grew, he just flew away.  We were so happy to see him fly.  He was a wonderful singer and I’m happy to have been able to see him. His feathers were beautiful and so was his spirit.

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  1. He sure was Bling! I loved that so much! You got a wonderful photo of him!~I love that so much! I’m going to reblog it! I wished I had a better photo! That was so cute! I have never gotten so close to birds before!

    Hey I found a cat blog. All kinds of cat facts and things like that! I knew you would love it! If you don’t already follow! ❤ yay

  2. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It! and commented:
    I love that Bling got photos of this sweet little one! It was the coolest thing ever! ❤

  3. Heartafire said:

    adorable…he looks a lot like the little bird who roosted on my patio ledge all winter long, but I think that was an American robin…someone told me that. Hope this little one found his way back home.

  4. You know how to melt a heart …

  5. Gigi, oh how I LOVE this little bird. What a great job you did with the camera!! Wow!!! ❤

  6. Squeee! So adorable…how did you restrain yourself from scooping up the little fluff ball in your hand. (I know…bad idea….)

    So adorable. I love that he took a little break and sang for you lovely ladies 🙂 ❤

    • He was so wonderful Melanie. Fluffy and adorable. He may have been brand new and singing with joy. He peeped and chirped and sang and when he had had enough, he flew away with my heart. ❤ I didn't want to grab him and scare him so that he would fall into the water. We waited to make sure he was okay before we left. He was just having a good time and knew he had an appreciative audience:)

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