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Bling had her trusty camera and took this picture.  We are under The Bean, so it may look a bit distorted 🙂  It’s supposed to be that way…like a funhouse Bean.  everyone loves The Bean…it’s really cool.

Comments on: "Bling and Moi at The Bean…" (21)

  1. Oh, I bet it is cool!

  2. love the funhouse bean shot )

    • Thank you. You can get some reallllly weird pictures around that thing…believe me. People lay on the ground and put their feet up or lean against it in a certain way and it’s all so strange and cool. No matter the age…everyone loves to play at The Bean:)

  3. Oh yay Bling I’m happy you put this on your blog! I really love it! I think I’m finally able to find us in all the photos! It is hard to choose my favorite and you did! I love this! I was looking for a Bling emoji but I can’t find one! Yay for the Bean! I’ll reblog it!!

  4. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It! and commented:
    2 Blings & a Shiny Bean! Me & Bling!

  5. Now there….is double trouble! 🙂

  6. You look great together. Good to see what you look like, Gigi – love the hair!

  7. yeseventhistoowillpass said:

    What is The Bean.. Can’t make out on this little screen..

  8. A piece of Art on Michigan Avenue. It’s actually Cloud Gate but we call it The Bean. It’s a huge reflective surface and shaped like a kidney bean. There’s a big picture of it on my blog. Silver. It’s kind of right next to the Art Institute in Millennium Park.

  9. You guys look great!

    • Thank you Maggie and Liz. We had fun. Melanie is planning on coming in, but not for a while. There are a couple of other female Chicago bloggers around so I’ll get ahold of them add well:)

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