Art and the philosophy of life

Shakespeare and Company

Paris, France

Try not to notice the book in the window, “Prison Love,”  LOLOLOL

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  1. Heartafire said:

    too late , I already spotted it .lololol!

  2. Bling I love the writing on that board! It slants to the left. Wonder if I left wrote it! This is wonderful! I love the book in the window! 😀

    • So funny. I didn’t notice it until I looked at the photo:) LOL There’s always writing on the boards…cool, right?

      • Very cool Bling! I thot the person was a lefty because sometimes we slant to the left! 💗 I want boards like that! I love looking at photos on the computer you can see so much more! 💜

      • You can get paint (like a blackboard) and do one of our hall or kitchen walls and then you can draw and write on it. They may have paper as well:)

  3. ::Sigh:: I want to go to there….

    • I want to go again. I’ve been there twice, so I’m very lucky and I know that. I want to go back and when I do, as soon as I leave, I’ll want to back again. It can’t be helped.

  4. Oh and I love what is written on the boards 🙂 Prison Love LOL looks like a bestseller!

    • I did NOT notice that when I took the picture…LOL When I was posting it and saw it, I just cracked up. Prison Love at Shakespeare and Company…how funny is that? It’s such a great place:)

  5. My idea of a good time is a browse through a bookstore. My idea of paradise is a browse through an English bookstore in Paris.

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