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Chicklet wisdom

IMG_2580When I asked the chicklets and their friends to pose for this picture and told them what the heading would say, they were confused.  They said, “Why wouldn’t someone be happy for someone else?”  I started to explain but found that I didn’t really know the answer.  Chicklets don’t understand jealously, resentment, hatred or greed.  Those words don’t exist in their world.  So I shrugged and said, “I have no idea why some people aren’t happy for others.”  They said, “We are happy for everyone because when someone is happy then we are all happy too.”  I kissed all of them and thanked them for posing.  I told them I would pass along their chirps and peeps.

Comments on: "Chicklet wisdom" (13)

  1. Jennifer said:

    Peep chirp.

  2. The beautiful innocence of children. What a lovely way to express it.

  3. I’m with the Chicklets…I think everyone should be happy for others especially if we love them! I never have understood those things either Bling! Like the Chicklets they always choose the high road! Yay! I’m happy for you and everyone that is happy! It makes me happy too and smile! 💜💜hug the Chicklets!

  4. (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥) Wonderful!

  5. posting on A4P 8/15

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