The pope giving his weekly blessing to the crowd at the Vatican

Rome, Italy

This is a small section of the crowd waiting to be blessed on a weekday around lunchtime.  The pope had absolutely no inflection when spoke, speaking in a flat, monotone, droning pattern, while he read his entire speech.  Completely impersonal and without emotion.  Apparently he gave a sermon rather than his usual blessing (it was in Italian, of course), so it was a lot longer than usual.  This was an interesting and unexpected side trip.  A weird thing to observe.  People had their eyes glued to the window, when they weren’t pushing and shoving each other, that is.  People were waving at the pope, who wasn’t even looking up.  The window was very high, so the picture was taken with my zoom open as far as it would go.

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7 Responses to The pope giving his weekly blessing to the crowd at the Vatican

  1. OH wow you got a great photo of this! It is exactly just like you described! It is unbelievable how many people seem mesmerized by this! Odd actually to me. I can imagine it was to you too Bling!

  2. lizbert1 says:

    I’ve seen the Pope doing this once and as I understand Italian actually found it quite thought provoking (despite not being religious) as his message was “love your neighbour, be kind to each other and spread love not war”. Not a bad message really, even for non-believers like me!

    • True enough. This one was about helping and giving to others. He’s a nice guy and, as a non-bleiver, I like him too:) I just wish he would put some passion or even a blip in his speeches. LOL Droning just sounds really bad. 🙂

  3. moonmaenad says:

    Descriptive commentary on this fellow, who I mistrust as I do all religious authority figures

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