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Okay, so…

Bling (aka Michelle)  came over last Sunday and left this morning around eleven.  She drove in from Oklahoma and we had a blast.

I took her to see The Bean and, truthfully, I never let her have any rest.  I kept taking her from one place to another.  It was her first time in Chicago:), so there was a lot to see.  I wined and dined her with diet Dr. Pepper (her favorite) and whipped cream cheese and strawberry jelly on bagels or toast.  🙂  We ate lunch when we were out everyday, otherwise that’s what we would have eaten all the time.  LOL  We had ice cream, cookies, popcorn, fruit cups, BAGS AND BAGS of chocolate covered donuts and other assorted healthy foods.  We had a fabulous lunch at California Pizza and we met Kim and Liz, two incredible local bloggers, at Olive Garden for dinner.  Kim brought the famous Pee, so we finally got to meet her beautiful dog.  It was a great week and the weather, in spite of the forecast, was almost perfect.  🙂


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  1. Yay for this Bling thank you for making all this possible! I loved hugging everyone and laughing and sharing! It’s so wonderful to put faces to voices! I love the bean! I hope my pics turned out okay! I was a little bean challenged!
    Yay for Kim and Pee and Liz with her sweet wonderful personality! Oh and yay for you Bling! This was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again! Soon! 💜💜💜

    • I’m so glad you had a good time Bling! And yes it was so much fun meeting Liz, Kim and Pee:) Looking forward to your pictures and artwork:) Hope you are happy with all the wee treasures you brought home for BB and for yourself. 🙂

  2. What a fabulous time you let us share in!
    Yum for donuts 🙂
    Have a wondrous weekend.

  3. If you are in the area let me know and I’ll contact you when we are getting together again:)

  4. Sound like you two had a great time! Lots of good health food and good friends. Put a smile on my face!
    Thanks, Alan

  5. I sooo love this bean !!!

    • It’s truly outstanding. When you get underneath it…it’s so weird and so much fun. If you look straight up, everything looks normal but once you start to let your eyes go down the sides the real fun begins. The pigeons love to sit on the top. They polish it all the time because people touch it. It’s a great addition to Chicago and it’s Art.

      • Oh yes, I can well imagine they have to polish it all the time, you just HAVE to touch it when you see it I think !

      • Yes, especially the kids:) People lay on the ground and put their feet on it while others take their picture. It’s fun because of the distortions. It’s actually called Cloud Gate but we all call it The Bean:)

  6. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It! and commented:
    I took myself to Chicago to visit Bling, Kim and Liz. I got to meet Pee and had so much fun! Thank you Bling for this adventure! 😀 Yay for Blings!

  7. You are welcome:) Had a blast. 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

  8. 😀 Yay! Fun wa had by all! Sorry I missed it…next time 🙂

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