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One of my very favorite places.

Comments on: "Shakespeare and Company, Paris,France" (10)

  1. Love the reflections in the windows.

  2. It was owned for many, many years by a man from Salem, Massachusetts.

    • I love it because it was opened by Sylvia Beach and the his/herstory is fabulous. It’s the IDEA of Shakespeare and Company and that is alive and well. Ms Beach and the things she did and started will live on as long as we do:) This, of course, is not the original shop.

  3. What do they sell in the shop and where in Paris is it if I may ask ?

    • Books. It’s a famous book store. American bookstore in Paris where all the famous writers hung out. This is not the original store but it’s an icon. It’s kitty-corner from Notre Dame.

  4. The Lost Generation gathered there. There are books available on the shop and it’s owner, Sylvia Beach. She published Ulysses for James Joyce. She was amazing and so was her shop. It was an interesting time in Paris and Shakespeare and Company was a gathering/meeting place. Wonderful connections and things happened in that bookstore.

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