The chicklets loved Monet’s Garden (2 pictures)

The chicklets had a wonderful time at Monet’s Garden.  They met some roosters and a hen and invited them to come for a visit.  Juan had an allergy attack and was forced to wear a mask for part of the day, but he was okay with that because everything was so beautiful and it was his fault that he forgot to take his medicine.  I should have reminded him but I had my hands full with the chicklets running all over the place.  I must admit, they were very happy to see birds on the grounds.

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19 Responses to The chicklets loved Monet’s Garden (2 pictures)

  1. Aw, I would love to go there one day.

  2. I bet they had so much fun. What fun to meet a french hen.

  3. Heartafire says:

    Love this so much! Again you are not coming up in my reader. Why is that! Hugs.

    • You’re probably not following me anymore. I was probably dropped. Happens all the time. ALL the time. All of a sudden I notice that I’m not seeing people I used to see all the time and that’s what has happened, they were dropped and I was no longer following them.

  4. ❤ ChiRp, pEEp! I love this…I would so be like poor Juan so if we are ever going to a garden remind me to take my meds! LOL

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