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*  According to the U.S. Surgeon General, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States.

*  The American Medical Association estimates that their American male partners assault 2 million American women each year.

*  The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 95% of the victims of domestic violence are women.

*  A WOMAN IS BEATEN EVERY 15 SECONDS IN THE UNITED STATES (Bureau of Justice Statistics, Report to the nation on Crime and Justice.  The Data.  Washing DC Offic of Justice Program, US Dept. of Justice, Oct 1983)

*  35% of all emergency room calls are a result of domestic violence.

*  Of those who abuse their partner, well over 65% also physically and/or sexually abuse the children.

*  Each day…4 women die as a result of abuse.

*  Each day…3 children die as a result of abuse.

This is the tip of the iceberg.  There are pages of stats on this issue.  OUR CULTURE ALLOWS THIS TO HAPPEN.  OUR CULTURE CARES SO LITTLE FOR THE LIVES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN THAT THE SYSTEM IS SET UP TO ACCOMMODATE THE MEN WHO DO  IT.  Women and children are beaten, raped, tortured and killed EVERY SINGLE DAY, and what is being done about it?

Many women are taught that they DESERVE to be abused.  That they ASKED FOR IT.  That they are worthless and are “LUCKY to have HIM.”  WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE DYING, EVERYDAY, AT THE HANDS OF MEN.  ALL WOMEN ARE IN DANGER ALL THE TIME!  Women are kept poor and dependent and that feeds into the entire problem.  This is done ON PURPOSE.

Violence is happening on college campuses, on the street, the running path, in bathrooms, parking lots and anywhere a woman may be.  VIOLENCE IS A WAY OF LIFE FOR WOMEN.  WOMEN LIVE IN A WAR ZONE AND THE “ENEMY” IS EVERYWHERE.  THE PEOPLE THEY LIVE WITH, WORK WITH, ARE RELATED TO, NEIGHBORS, EVERY MALE THEY SEE.  Women are FORCED to live in constant fear.  They are never safe.  Big, strong men BEAT HELPLESS WOMEN AND CHILDREN…women and children who can’t fight back.

THIS IS OUR CULTURE.  What are we going to do about it? How many more women and children have to die before action is taken AGAINST THE MEN WHO BEAT AND KILL THEM?  What kind of life do you think the woman in the above photograph has?  A man did this to her and once it’s been done, stats show that it will happen more often and be more destructive.  Nice life…welcome to the world of millions and millions of women.

Comments on: "This is what our culture thinks of women…our culture ALLOWS this to happen…it’s built into the system." (31)

  1. Oh wow… This is sad

    • It’s a crime and it happens all over the world, not just in the U.S. Women and children are bought and sold, given away, beaten, raped, tortured, forced into marriage as small children, sold into sexual slavery, mutilated and murdered for any number of reasons. They are denied education, and often kept hidden. They are kept powerless and dependent. Any thing women have is GIVEN to them my the males in charge and can be taken away at any moment. That’s how women are FORCED to live by males.

  2. I am receiving counselling for my abusive relationship with my ex – husband. He did physically abuse me on a couple of occasions, but his abuse was psychological. That is harder to get over. It is hard to move on. It plays with your mind and makes you think you are worthless. It is not something that heals up in a matter of weeks. You can’t see it but it affects every aspect of your life. And he works with children – creepy that he can just move on with his life and his lawyer then continues to abuse me with his demands. He thinks he is above the law and that he is entitled to demand my blood. But I am better than him and will win back my life.

    • See that’s the thing…Men write the law, pass the laws, interrupt the laws and use them against us and FOR themselves. He is the bad guy but the laser has ways to continue to torture you. It’s part of the entire system of women hating. I’m happy that you are fighting back, fighting to get your life back. I know you will succeed. I’m sure you have the power to do that. Being beaten physically or mentally is horrific and causes untold damage to women and to children. These men need to be stopped by any means necessary. Good luck my friend.

  3. And in the US, laws are not strong enough. If a man were to beat someone on the street the way he beats his girlfriend or wife, he would be in jail, no question…in a heartbeat. But because it is domestic abuse, there is a “grey area” when there shouldn’t be one and it is often difficult to get charges to stick and to get him held accountable for his actions. It is ridiculous and sad and outrageous and unacceptable. A lawmaker in Utah recently questioned whether it should be considered rape to force sex on your wife (or long term partner) if she was unconscious and therefore couldn’t consent (they were voting on a law). He thought it shouldn’t be considered rape even if there was no consent because they “had a long standing sexual history.” This is what we’re dealing with.

    • What we’re dealing with is Woman Hating. Women only have the rights they are GIVEN. Even when we fight for them the men in charge can overturn them…because they have power over us. The system is set up for women hating and discrimination because rich white, landed males set it up that way. They can literally get away with murder. It’s always about what they can get away with. Like the college fraternities who gan rape freshman girls. Men hate women and don’t care what happens to them or what they do to them. They don’t care if girls who are raped commit suicide, they don’t care if they destroy their lives…NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM. Because women are kept poor and dependent, because they are TAUGHT by their society that everything is THEIR fault and responsibility, because they are taught to be ASHAMED if they are beaten and because they are responsible for children, their lives are severely limited. It’s disgusting and sickening. Women are prey. Men rape their daughters, there are no lines they won’t cross. NONE. It doesn’t matter how many nice guys thee are out there, women’s lives are limited because of men and we can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. One mistake and you don’t come home alive. One mistake and your daughter’s life is destroyed. There is no such thing as freedom for women. It’s an illusion. We live in a prison made by men and we are at constant risk. There are no safe places and no laws to protect us. The men presiding as judges often beat their own wires, so do the police. A judge, no longer on the bench, told a rape victim that the case was dismissed because she was so ugly he couldn’t believe anyone would want to rape her. Another, no longer on the bench, let an adult male go, after rapping a five year old because he told the judge she was coming on to him These men are gone, but never kid yourself that the men who took their place have the same thoughts. As the stats say a woman is beaten every 15 seconds, if I remember correctly, a woman is raped every 3 minutes. Why should we have to live like this? Answer: because men want us to live this way. College is one of the most dangerous places for girls now days. Especially freshmen. How pathetic is that?

  4. we still live in a man’s world and lawyers and judges are from another planet I think !!!!

    • The planet MALE. The brotherhood that unites them against the common enemy that is US. I wrote this before but one of my professors, brilliant beyond believe, said that men can love individual women, but they hate women as a whole. He’s right to a point, but I think a lot of males can’t even love an individual woman. I was lucky. I met my husband when we were both 14 and we were madly in love until the day he died.

  5. If you find out, let me know.

  6. Peter Schreiner said:

    Actually violence against everyone, anyone, anything is tolerated, but your point is not lost to me. I concur.

    • Women and children are prey. Bought and sold, Abused, raped, sold into sexual slavery, kidnapped, tortured and killed. Kept prisoner in their homes and by their culture. There are no real laws to protect them. Women have no idea what it is to be free from violence, no matter where they are. If you’re a woman alone in an elevator and the door opens and a man gets in, you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. If you stop in a bathroom, you don’t know what’s going to happen next (I was called for jury duty for a woman who was raped in a bathroom). Two jogger were attacked close to my house (I live in an excellent neighborhood, because there is no safe place for women), and another was saved by someone who saw it happen and stopped the car and helped her. All the women were doing was running in the morning. It shouldn’t be dangerous to go outside. But outside is dangerous for women. Inside is even worse for women and children who are living with domestic violence. Terror, fear, death. Young girls are often raped by multiple men in their family. I’ve been at conferences where women stood up and said that when they were children they saw their fathers kill their mothers (stabbed and beaten to death). Freshmen girls are gang raped by fraternity boys as a way to get into the fraternity, raped even after they have been drugged and are unconscious. I could go on, but I really don’t think men can understand what it’s like for women everywhere they go. I was walking with a friend of mine and she jerked me by the arm and said, “What’s wrong with you, get away from the doorways.” But you have to be careful of cars that slow down next to you, if you walk by the curb as well, or if you cross an alley. Women aren’t really allowed to go out alone at night or even in the daytime. It’s risky, but everything is risky for women. There was a rapist who only raped cleaning women in churches and one who raped women in cemeteries on their husbands’ graves. My friend knew the guy who raped the cleaning ladies. He lived across the street from her. He was a deacon in his church and had three daughters. He drove over an hour to a suburb near me and raped women. Once he was caught his family had to move. My friend said he used to help her with things when her husband was out of town. She was terrified and horrified that he would do anything like that. Well, the women he raped knew he did things like that.

      Some women don’t even realize they are watching everything that’s going on around them all the time. It’s just second nature. My granddaughter has a friend who was raped at a high school party by a boy who is serial rapist. The boy rapes girls constantly. Who’s going to stop him? The girls are terrified, depressed, demoralized. I had a guy come up to me in the hallway, when I was getting my Master’s, he was in one of my classes, he said, “I’ve wanted to rape you for weeks, but if I got caught it would kill my mother. One of my brothers is in jail and the other one is dead, and I’m all she has left.” He then proceeded to sit next to me in class and ask me questions about things that were going on in the world. I answered him and he smiled at me. He liked that I knew the answers. Then he asked me what he could do to make his wife happy because she was from a small town and was now living with his mother in a dangerous and horrible neighborhood on the south side. He acted as if what he said to me in the hallway didn’t mean anything at all. How do you think I felt waking alone to my car in the dark that night? I couldn’t tell the Dean, it was his word against mine, the Dean was male. If I told my husband he would fight him or try to kill him. The guy didn’t touch me. But this is how women are kept in line. This is how we are treated. This is how we are terrorized. Teenage girls are raped and their rape is videotaped and put on line. Some girls kill themselves after that. NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENS TO THE BOYS. The parents of one girl who committed suicide donated her organs and they went to a boy. That’s the day I wrote NOT AN ORGAN DONOR on the back of my license. How does anyone know what that boy will do to girls when he grows up? I can’t take that kind of responsibility for some boy growing up and killing his wife and children, or raping women and beating women.

      Unfortunately, this is a never-ending story. But really, it’s impossible for men to understand what they do to us and how they destroy all of our lives. We can’t tell the good guys from the bad ones. Women marry seemingly wonderful men who don’t start beating them until after the wedding or until she’s pregnant. That’s common. COMMON.

      In countries around the world it’s worse in a lot of ways. Young girls handcuffed to beds from morning to night…men lined up outside their door waiting for their turn to rape/have sex with a ten-year old. Genital mutilation, child brides, honor killings. Women who are killed when their husbands die. Women stoned to death. Given from one man to another. Female babies left to die on garbage dumps. Blah.

      You guys can’t know. It’s not something you can learn, Females are conditioned to be prey. Women are purposely kept poor and dependent as well, because that makes it so much easier for men to abuse them.

      See, the thing is…every MALE who harms a woman or child CHOOSES to do that. All of the violence would end IF MEN JUST CHANGED THEIR MINDS. But they won’t stop. They don’t change their minds and women (and children) suffer and die because they simply refuse to stop.

      I have attended International Women’s Conferences in D.C. Where lawyers from other countries were asking for help to save a woman who had escaped from her country. Where women came pleading for help because the women in their culture were not allowed to raise their arms above there waists when men were present so they could never fight back. On and on, women asking for help them. Kids being used as prostitutes because AMERICAN SOLDIERS wanted them when they were stationed there. Asking for for life to be better. Women from around the world want the suffering to end. But it won’t…because men don’t want it to end. So, no…men don’t have a clue when it comes to how women live. The horrors I saw at one of the conferences is burned into my brain. How can these things keep happening? LOL Men like to do them, that’s why they keep happening, so they write laws that let them do the things they want to do..they turn those things into a religion or public policy or whatever. But that’s the reason. Teachers who molest mentally challenged students and are transferred back and forth from one school to another, for years by male principals who are their friends. There is NO END TO THIS STORY!

      And worst of all women are raised to take responsibility for everything that happens to them and for what others do. “What were you wearing? What did YOU do to make him act that way? Why were you out alone at night? Why didn’t you just lay back and enjoy it? WHAT DID YOU DO…” See women are more often than not held responsible for everything men do to them. Men are blameless and often fade from the picture and the women becomes the “victim” and the bad person who just got what she DESERVED.

      • Peter Schreiner said:

        Thank you, Gigi, but not just for me but rather any man out there reading your reply who may not grasp the essence of a woman’s life. No, I can’t possibly know or pretend to know to the degree a woman knows, the threats and feelings of living every moment in fear for their safety, and a life revolving and adjusting around fear, but I do have a real good idea and I do sympathize with women. I sympathize because I do know what it feels like to have the woman you love raped, twice. To feel her pain and humiliation. To look into her crying eyes and see the violation, the helplessness; the shame of not protecting her. I know what those things feel like. I know what it feels like to watch the bastard go free in a court of law. I know the anger, the plotting of revenge, then having to let it go because it’s the “sensible” thing to do. The damnable cowardly and sensible thing to do because the law found him innocent. But he’s not innocent and I am under no obligation to forget . . .

        Peace to you, Gigi.

      • I’m so sorry for her. The horror of not seeing justice done is too much to deal with, on top of everything else. How can this be a way of life? If you would have gone after him, you would have been the one in jail. The true horrors always seem to walk free. I don’t get it. None of us get it. I’m glad you didn’t do anything. But how can we be expected to NOT want to do anything about these things? How can we be expected to take it, over and over, everyday? You shouldn’t have to protect the woman you love. She shouldn’t need protection,none of us should, but we do. We do because women hating is ingrained in society.

        Thank you so much for your wonderful response. Appreciate it.

  7. Reblogged this on Wordifull and commented:
    I implore you all to read this. It is sad, ridiculous, sickening and infuriating that this is the reality we live in. In America! In 2015!

    Attn: MEN reading this… Yes, there are good guys out there…if you are one of them, please take this to heart. No real change can take place without your help.

  8. As a survivor of incest, and extreme brutal physical abuse, I can only hope that we do not lump all men into one giant heap. My father abused me, but it was my brother who rescued me.

    • We definitely do not lump all men together. It’s just that women can’t tell who the good ones are and that’s what makes men dangerous. We also need laws that protect women from men, so the violent/bad guys don’t get to keep raping and beating women. I’m so happy you have a wonderful brother. I’ve had wonderful men in my life as well. And as Melanie (see above) said, MEN need to stop men from what they are doing. They need to speak out and work to change the way things are.

    • No not at all…my best friend in the world is man and i was lucky enough to find a fabulous, kind, loving man to marry. Sadly the facts are the good guys out grossly outnumbered and hard to find.

      You’ve told me some of your past and sadly we have lots of similarities. AND I’m so glad you had a brother that is one of the good guys. I’m sure you helped each other survive an otherwise horrible situation.

      • There are some wonderful men in this world, but there are the heinous, self-centered, egotistical, maniacal jerks that feel entitled. I hope that in my children’s lifetimes they come to see a more just system. I believe it will take strong women, holding government positions to change the order of things. To put justice where justice belongs, and offer women the protection they deserve, must become a global priority.☕️

      • Thank you Melanie.

  9. Maura Toohey said:

    Reblogged this on The Crestfallen.

  10. I agree with you completely. We all want that for our children, ourselves and the world. Well said.

  11. some of us (men) are deeply outraged by these animals

    • I know that is true. And as Melanie said, (above) we need those men to help stop the violent men. There needs to be a different male attitude toward women and that can only come from other men. Men who don’t laugh at stories about rape or beatings, or cruelty. Men who no longer look the other way when terrible things are happening or talked about. So we are asking men to speak out and to help make the needed changes. We need peer pressure, to show that gang raping a drugged teenage girl, so you can get into a fraternity, is WRONG. Men need to stop that…we can’t. The girl on the floor begged, cried and tried to fight back but she couldn’t move because she was drugged and then unconscious. We can’t stop them. But the men who believe violence against women and children is wrong, can make a difference.

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