Art and the philosophy of life


2.  Corrin, Alphie, Peeps and Stripes all explored the set, after the hula was over.  Stripes attempted to climb the tree but, since it was made out of cardboard, it quickly toppled over.  Corrin is going to take hula lessons, starting next week, Alphie just had a good time and Peeps enjoyed the flower lei on her head but said that it was difficult to fly while wearing it.  They all had a wonderful time.

3.  Clarisa played the harmonica while the well rehearsed trio chirped and peeped, “Come What May.”  They received a standing ovation and went on to chirp two more love songs to the delight of their audience.

4.  Stanley, a rescued chicklet, gave a reading on the VELVETEEN RABBIT.  It was one of the books read to him when he was brought to The Coop.  Lucy played the part of the Rabbit.  Lucy was one of the Warming Bunnies who stayed by Stanley’s while he healed.  They have become fast friends and are usually seen together.  Stanley did a wonderful job with his rendition of the VELVETEEN RABBIT  and Lucy was spectacular.   When interviewed by a reporter from The Chicklet News, Lucy said that her tummy didn’t hurt at all and that Stanley was the real star.

The Party was a great success.  Many old friends attended and pages of Animal Rights petitions were signed.

The Hens and Roosters will be in meetings all day today, working on a strategy to save more animals from the hands of humans.

Rene and Flower are meeting with Raiding Party members, who came from far and wide, to plan, exchange news and talk about what works and what does not.  They will map out the Factory Farms they will hit next and make sure there are adequate places near by to care for the survivors.

The Healing Hens are meeting  with their counterparts and discussing the best way to heal those in their care.  The Warming Bunnies are sitting in on the meeting and telling their own stories, which include the length of time they need to stay with a chicklet or hen.   The Warming Bunnies feel that they heal more than the bodies of the wounded and broken, they help take away their fear and terror as well.  The Healing Hens know the important part the Warming Bunnies play in the recover process and take anything they have to say very seriously.

The Rescue Dogs are meeting to go over the best way to get the chicklets into their rescue pockets and the fastest way to escape.  They are also working on new and sleeker designs for Rescue Wagons.  The Rescue Horses and Goats are sitting in on their meeting and adding their own thoughts to the mix.

So after a night of fun and frivolity, singing, dancing, laughing and eating, those at The Coop are getting down to business.

The chicklets are cleaning up the debris from the party, and eating.  Definitely eating.  The Stage Crew is dismantling the things that need to be dismantled and storing them in the party shed for use later on.

Plans for the Easter Party will begin next week and the bunnies are very excited.


Comments on: "The Valentine’s Day Party snapshots (4 photos)" (12)

  1. I just love this. Your illustrations are just so adorable and clever. Just fab. 🙂

  2. The illustrations and story is fantastic. Do you have books out?

  3. Great report – sounds like a good time was had by all. Love the snapshots! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fabulous party for sure! Love the snapshots ❤ and can't wait to see what is next 🙂

  5. I added this to today’s chicklet power postings 🙂 a nice ending…and promise of good works to come 🙂

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