Pink mini


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15 Responses to Pink mini

  1. HI Bling! I love this so much! Wow this is stunning! Truly stunning! Oh it’s me Bling! MM. 😀

  2. Reblogged this on thinkingpinkx2 and commented:
    Pink beauty from Bling! She’s in the pink! 😀

  3. fodrambler says:

    Hi Gigi 🙂 I said that I had a little present for you and this may not be the best place for it but it may be the best place for you to see it. My present is not very pink. It is a blog that I read that I think is important. Written by a girl who survived the war and the break up of Yugoslavia, she sometimes writes harrowing tales, she is still recovering, I think. She is a woman and she writes very important stuff in the name of peace and given your own involvement with Artists for Peace I just thought that you might like to see what she is doing. It is not always an easy read. Please just delete this comment if you think that it is inappropriate but actually I give good presents 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this website Collin. I just read the first story, about crossing the bridge. It’s amazing what people can live through but it’s even more amazing what people can do to each other…the hate and cruelty. I will never understand it. Those people have to be dead inside, heartless, the torturers of women, children, animals and the earth itself. Terrible things happen all the time and I can’t think of anyway to stop them. Thank you again.

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