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This is the truth.

A Pondering Mind

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.

Jim Morrison

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  1. Thank you Gigi, for reblogging this post…

    • Definitely. And you can see the blanket of fear and disease they are putting over everyone. Need to stop letting them in.

      • So hard though… I try but it’s every where and it catches up on you too…

      • It is hard. They go out of their way to catch and indoctrinate us everywhere. Don’t watch the news. It’s now news is brainwashing and hate mongering. It’s lies and everything is slanted toward the owners position. What would happen if no one watched? Think about it…I do. If we took back our country and refused to play along with the advertising the fear and prejudice garbage they spew out at us all the time? It’s up to US to stop listening. It’s up to us to walk away. We can change them by ignoring them. It’s so sad, the things that are happening to people and countries everywhere. All the attention the bad things get, everyday. Misery, death, horrible things are all we hear anymore. That makes us believe that things are hopeless and terrible. It’s so one-sided and so demoralizing. Sad, unhappy, miserable and hopeless people are easy to control and that’s the point. We can be manipulated because we have given up and want someone else to make things better. Pathetic. Only we can change the media but not giving them out time and money. It’s the only chance we, and our children, have. We need to do it now, so we still might have a chance. Disease and medication ads are rampant. Not everyone is sick but you wouldn’t know that if the media has anything to say (or sell) about it. The Media has an agenda but we don’t have to play their game.

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