Skull, watercolor pencil painting…

ImageTigress Jay <>  superimposed one of my watercolor pencil faces over the statue of the skull.  This is how it looks.  Thank you Tigress Jay.  Sorry it took so long to post:)

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12 Responses to Skull, watercolor pencil painting…

  1. This is really neat Bling! How nice of tigress! 😄😄

  2. Thank you Bling. I appreciate that so very much:)

  3. All YOUR Great Inspiring Work Gigi!
    Touching us in All areas of Life, with Funny or Sad
    and Bringing Life and …Bones, to Death, Lol!

    Nearly missed it – Summer and School holidays here ‘Under Down’
    until February which means heavy slow Internet traffic – adults, teens and kids – so it takes ages to load, only 3-4 pics visible in my Reader, and after a few unsuccessful tries i give up. Glad i logged back in.
    Looks nicer on Site than in my files. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for making it. Appreciate it. Finally figured out how to get it on my post. I actually tried to do more than one but it didn’t work. I was happy that one showed up. LOL Thank you again. 🙂

  4. Opps!… the Term for Aussie Land is ‘Down Under’ not Under Down
    but living Down Under … i can be excused for getting confused from time to time, Lol!
    (My Like wll be for Your Work)

  5. Wonderful. Tigress is lovely!!

  6. I agree. I’m always going to cut back and then I find something I want to post and I just keep going. But sometimes it is hard to keep up with everyone’s posts. No question about it.

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