It’s a brand new year so…


BE GOOD TO YOURSELF.  Everyone, and everything, tries to eat away at our happiness every single day.  The media is like a huge MONSTER that tells us that we DON’T look like super models, we don’t have enough money, or stuff, or the right car, or job, or family or living space.  The media wants us to COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER.  It’s the media’s job is to make us feel bad ALL THE TIME, so that we are willing to give them our money,  so they can make us feel better, about all the things they told us we should feel bad about in the first place.  And there are constant upgrades, so it never ends, because they keep telling us that we still don’t look like supermodels, have enough money, or stuff, or the right car, or job, or family or living space.  And the “right” things change constantly, so that people are forced to run faster to keep up.  The media tells us that everyone else is better looking and better off than we are.  That’s so funny, like a daily horoscope, one size fits all.  WE ARE ALL GETTING THE SAME MESSAGES, no matter who we are, no matter what we have.  It’s a marketing scheme that people have bought into and it seems real and important, but it’s NOT.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do buy into what the media is selling.

The thing is, we actually do have everything we need to be happy, and it’s okay to be who we want to be, instead of trying to be like someone the media would like us to want to be.  And, when you think about it, isn’t it important to be wanted, loved and appreciated for who we truly are, rather than someone the media wants us to pretend to be?

If we surround ourselves with the things we LOVE, rather than the things that are “in” or advertised, we can be happy.  If we are honest, with ourselves, and with others, the people we know will appreciate us for who we are.  If we are satisfied with the life we have made for ourselves,  we won’t watch, or hear,  the MEDIA MONSTERS, who are trying to get inside our heads, because we will be far too busy living our lives and having fun.  We will no longer want to waste our time chasing someone else’s idea of who or what we should be, for 52 payments of $100 each.

Imagine what life would be like if no one listened to the MONSTERS anymore.  If we turned off our television sets, if we refused to be ensnared by what the MONSTERS were selling, if we REFUSED TO FEEL BAD ABOUT OURSELVES.  What a different world this would be.  When I think about everyone shutting down the MONSTERS, and feeling good about themselves, all I see are fields of wildflowers swaying in the sunlight.


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14 Responses to It’s a brand new year so…

  1. Maria F. says:

    I agree completely.

  2. Ana says:

    It’s the media’s job is to make us feel bad ALL THE TIME,….one of the most truthful statements ever! I stopped listening to media some time ago and i have noticed my self esteem rise higer. I used to wish i could look the certain way, have a certain house, clothes etc. and all that created in me was hatred for who i am. I realized the foolishness of it all and turned to things that really make me happy. I still see women being so obsessed with media and their standards of beauty etc, wearing the biggest possible heals in snow or a minie skirt, but i just wear flat black boots and black jeans and feel really positive about who i am and people notice it. Id rather be happy without media then be “in” and feel miserable.

    • I stopped watching a long time ago as well. Everything is so NEGATIVE…they sell hopelessness, and despair. People don’t realize that those messages go into their psyches and take root. It’s a form of conditioning and it’s disgusting. Blah.

  3. Bravo!!! Much whisteling and clapping! 🙂

  4. Going to post this on A4P in a bit 🙂

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  6. OK I will do that! I love you! ❤

  7. sirpamononen says:

    i wish you much wealth: really rich is somebody , who has more dreams than reality can destroy.

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