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What if…kids

What if we started asking kids, who were having playdates, to talk about some simple problems in their local community, as well as communities across the globe, so that they would grow up being used to discussing, and solving, real problems with others, from childhood?

What if every school turned Friday afternoon into a time when students could present ideas to each other, concerning the problems humanity and the world faces?  What if the kids could broke up in to groups and work on the problems that interested them?

What if parents and adults became more interested in the world’s problems, and how to solve them, so that they could discuss the issues with their children?

What if brilliant guest speakers, those who were working on solving world problems, could speak, via television, to kids who were working on the same problems?  What if the kids could ask the speakers questions, and the speakers could ask questions of kids as well?  What if kinder and more gentle solutions to our problems could be found by experimenting with the ideas the kids presented?

What if kids were told the truth about war, about the people who start them, and the reason for them.  What if we just told the truth and explained that there are other ways to serve your country, as peaceful representatives, as well as becoming a warrior?  What if we presented alternatives?  What if we got them involved at a young age, writing letters  and working with kids in other countries, to solve world problems?

What if we told them the truth about governments, and institutions, and the rampant greed, power plays and death for profit mentality?  What if we taught them that money isn’t more important than clean water, safe air and food?

What if we told them the truth about the brutal suffering of animals, that are used for clothing, food, furniture and other things?  What if they knew about what they were eating and how the torture of innocent creatures was being hidden from them?  What if they were taught to respect living beings and to protect them and care for them?  What if they knew their death and torture were unnecessary?

What if we taught kids to be problem solvers, alternative seekers?  What if we taught them to always see more than one side of every issue?  What if they could see the lies for themselves and refuse to accept what was put in front of them, just because someone said they should?   What if we allowed an entire generation of kids to grow into adulthood,  truly educated and aware? What if  we allowed kids to see farther than we do?  What if we taught kids to refuse to blindly obey anyone?

What if we taught kids to reach out to those who were different than they were?  What if they learned to  seek out, and celebrate, diversity?  What if they started helping each other and didn’t care about their differences, but work together for something bigger than themselves?  What if we taught them that differences were beautiful?

What if we let kids find their creativity and learn about things that interested them?  What if we let them read the books they cared about, books that mattered to their lives?  What if we let them make their own rules for what they wanted to learn.  What if teachers had to work for and with the kids, instead of for the school and the government?  What if education was so wonderful that the kids could hardly wait to get to places of learning? What if learning/education was FREE, so that everyone could get an education, not just those with money or pull?  What if we taught kids that the’have nots,’ could be the’ haves,’ if only they were ALLOWED to be?  What if we taught them that an educated society was a rich and healthy society?

What if we allowed kids to be passionate about their lives?  What if they looked forward to living because they were free to be themselves and create their own way of doing things?  What if they could ask questions and not be punished for asking?

What if we stopped making kids into sheep because it’s safe?  What if we told them that the good things in life weren’t safe, because they were all about FREEDOM and freedom was something you had to fight for, if you wanted to have and keep it because the people in charge wanted all the freedom for themselves and refused to believe that there was enough to go around?  What if we taught them THAT?

What if we set them free?

What if we said, “the brainwashing stops NOW?”


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  1. dancinginaugustrain said:

    I love this

  2. Peter Schreiner said:

    Then life as we know it, would no longer be as we knew it, and I know it.

    • That’s just it. Everyone constantly complains about the way life is, but it will NEVER be any different unless we change what we are doing. It CAN’T be different, unless we MAKE it different. The way things stand right now, the only way that will happen, is if aliens land and drug all of us into some kind of peaceful state. Otherwise, we don’t stand a chance. We teach hate and violence in every way possible. We have laws that protect hate and violence. If we want things to BE different then we have to BE different. We have to teach kids early on TO BE DIFFERENT THAN WE ARE if they are to stay alive and have any chance at real happiness.

      • Peter Schreiner said:

        Unless I misunderstand you, I think you misunderstood me. I am in full accord to what you’ve said. And you’ve said it beautifully so. And I believe its truth.

        Now as an aside, we are where we are because the aliens have landed, many, many eons ago.

      • I didn’t misunderstand, sorry if it sounded as if I did. James Crick (DNA) said that humans being here, without outside intervention from an alien race, was akin to a tornado going through a junk yard and coming out of the other side with a Jumbo jet ready for take off. 🙂 I love that. He said we are impossible, without that intervention.

  3. This is by far the best post I’ve read in a long time! Your message, your idea is amazing and how great would it be if this would have taken in consideration and maybe would be done! I am sure it would change a lot. And I am pretty sure it would change a lot for the good!

    • People say they love their kids, and I believe them. But if they want them to live in a clean, healthy, safe, respectful, happy, creative, accepting world, THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE WAY WE ARE LIVING AND TEACHING THEM TO LIVE because they don’t have a chance, if we don’t. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them. The world doesn’t HAVE to be this way…WE ARE ALLOWING IT TO BE THIS WAY. WE ARE MAKING IT THIS WAY and if we can do that…WE CAN CHANGE THE WAY IT IS…but only if we want to do it.

      • Thise are very true words! It is another reason why I love homeschooling… You can get around the brainwashing…

      • Homeschooling can be great, but we live in a society full of people and we need socialization and a way to work with others. We shouldn’t have to protect our kids from government brainwashing, in our schools. We need to change society, so that everyone can be together and learn and understand that our differences are what actually makes a strong and creative nation. People can want these things, but they have to take action to get them, and I don’t see that happening. Such a waste of minds, people, potential and hope. This was done to us, by the ruling classes (rich and powerful), up until they convinced us to do it to ourselves. We have been conditioned to live the smallest lives we can possibly live, to not make demands, to do as we are told and to not make waves. We have been conditioned to accept what we are given and to give them what they want or take, including our children. We stopped thinking about what we were doing and we just keep doing it. We can stop it if we decide that we’ve had enough but there will be a price to pay because the government and the one-percenters have a lot to lose. They will fight us every inch of the way to hold on to what they have at the cost of the entire population. It’s insane but true, none-the-less. We are all brainwashed and controlled. Everything we do is controlled by the people in charge…the minimum wager (to keep people poor), the price of food and gas, the insurances companies, the poison in our food, water, air. Being x-rayed at the airport, cameras on our corners, getting tickets from cameras, cars being stopped and searched without cause, our complete lack of privacy (someone is scanning this message to you) our phones are tapped, our computers, they can break onto our TV screens, forced medical tests in order to keep your job. Freedom is just a word in the dictionary and I’m not sure for how long.

  4. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:
    What an amazing idea… If only this would be done. Our world would change massively…

  5. What if indeed. Excellent, excellent post. Insightful and straight to the heart of what really needs to change about our society as a whole.

    • I appreciate your kind words so very much. Thank you. I wish we could change things, but it seems as if we are headed in the wrong direction.

      • In many ways, we are…but then there are always those of us who buck the norm and follow the rules in your very insightful article and sort of keep things a bit on balance. Or at least I like to think so. Maybe we just keep things from falling completely off the edge more so than on balance. But hopefully one day we’ll outnumber the so called “norm.”

      • Definitely. I agree with you completely. If we didn’t have that balance, even if it is tipping one way, life would be intolerable. We live in world made up of dichotomies, so there (hopefully) will always be two sides. I think things tip one way,then start sliding the other way but I think we have gone way too far in one direction. LOL Have a great holiday and have lots of cookies and fun:)

      • I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well! Cookies are definitely a part of the plan!!

      • I’m so looking forward to the snowballs:)

      • I just saw a recipe for snowballs the other day and so want to try them!

      • I’m going to be eating them in a few hours:) I think Debbie makes hers with pecans, instead of almonds. Either way, yum. You’ll love them and they are addictive, that’s for sure. 🙂

  6. Indeed. What if everyone just stopped and thought about what they were doing, the reasons why they were doing it and what the end result could be for having done it.
    What if we all lived in a sane world, instead of one made up of greed, injustice, indecision and prejudice.
    Good post.

    • It’s all about passing on prejudice, hatred and obedience from one generation to another. Our government has lost it’s ties to the people and has become our Warden. The people have no voice. Greed and power are wearing our flag. The gap between the ultra rich and the rest of the people becomes wider everyday. Our rights are GIVEN to us by the people in charge and the masses have become addicted to watching other people live out their lives on a TV screen, while the last of their freedoms are trampled into the ground. I don’t know how to stop it.

  7. Thanks for all of your posts. I’m new to your blog but I will be paying attention. In the meantime, please check out my new project on Indie GoGo….be well!

  8. So very true. 😦

  9. Hiya I’m going to post this on A4P…on 1/23…have a bunch scheduled for tomorrow 🙂

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