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Comments on: "Maybe what the world needs is…" (27)

  1. A million times YES! I must re-blog! Loads of love!!!

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    Yes Gigi!!! A million times yes!

  3. Indeed 😀 we need a lot of hugs.

  4. Amen.

    What the world needs is for the strong to take the weak into their arms, and vow to protect them, unto death.

    What the world needs is for those who have plenty to invite the hungry to their tables, not for a meal, but to stay.

    What the world needs is for all of to embrace this combat-inspired truth – “everyone who goes in, comes home…or NO ONE does”.

    We’re all in this together. LIVE THAT.

  5. icedmocha34 said:

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    OMP, YES!

  6. Thank you

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. The Gospel of Barney said:

    But if we got all the people to one spot, would that change the axis?!

  8. Sending hugs to you! Virtual hugs are a start right?!

  9. Snagged and posting tomorrow on A4P

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