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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe line up for the Halloween Parade has begun.  Excitement is high.  The hens are lining up to watch the chicklets walk by.  They have hot chocolate and cake ready for them when the Parade is over.  The sun is almost all the way up and everyone is chirping and peeping with joy.  The Best Costume Contest will be held late in the after noon and the winners announced at the party later this evening.  Happy Halloween!

Comments on: "The Chicklets are up early…" (26)

  1. adore this!! My dog sits in the same position little piggy is in! love, love!

  2. Ah … the dears .. I bet they were up way before dawn … and exciting day for all!

    • Yes, they were up early and in their costumes before breakfast. They have been having fun all day long. The evening party is just starting. So they are still going strong:)

      • Hope you’ll show us the best costume from the party! 🙂

      • The chicklets are busy making a collage of pictures from the party. That’s what they are doing today:) The weather was bad yesterday and I have never seen so few trick or treaters. Everyone said the same thing. Hardly anyone was out. 😦

      • Sad … I’ve heart that trick or treating is becoming more “organized” through malls, schools and church organizations … hope door to door doesn’t completely disappear :-/

      • That’s true. And I agree, that would be sad. Trick or Treating is the best part of Halloween and I would hate to see it fade away. I think another thing is that people have become terrified of EVERYTHING and feel safer going to stores, rather than houses. Awful:(

      • Yes … there’s that element too .. trick or treating at Halloween though is also relatively new to the US .. It only really became popular in the 50s! I didn’t know that until a few days ago when I was researching for my English Conversation group .. I’d always known trick or treating and just thought it had always been around.

      • It had to be earlier than the 50s. That can’t be right, at least it’s not right for Chicago. I have pictures of relatives dressed for trick or treating when they were young and that was WAY before then.

      • No … There was Trick or Treating before, it started somewhere in the west and during the roaring 20s the trendsetters used to hold great Halloween Parties … the first sales of costumes in big stores began in the 30s … in the 40s it almost died out due to sugar rationing and had a big comeback in the 50s … I meant that int the 50s is when it became a big thing … 🙂

      • Ah, got it:) Thanks for all the great information:)

      • No problem … it’s still fresh from my research.

      • I love stuff like that:) I just assumed (always a big mistake) that it has been around forever:)

      • Me too … took me by surprise.

      • But I’m happy the chicklets are making their collages of pictures!

      • They are working on it right now:)

  3. Children like the wee ones at the coop do so enjoy all the holidays.

  4. So sweet! ❤ the candy corn 🙂

  5. Happy Halloween to the entire coop!

  6. Oh these are lovely! I’ve only just come across them. Gorgeous drawings, the colours are magical. Note, I have 3 hens and a rooster, so very drawn to these (no pun intended).

    • I’m so happy you enjoy the chicklets. I’ve been drawing them for a long time. Just took a break but now they’re back. 🙂 I’m so excited about your hens and rooster. That’s wonderful and I bet they’re beautiful. Do you have pictures of them on your blog?

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