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IMG_1292 IMG_1293I am amazed by how well everyone in the yard gets along.  Stray Number 3 was watching the squirrels.   He was just sitting quietly, not even twitching , when one of the squirrels turned and ran for the fence, almost bumping into the cat. The cat didn’t know what was going on but he never even moved, just watched the squirrel run away.  I

Comments on: "Stray number 3 and the squirrels (2 photographs)" (14)

  1. Maggie has offered to give lessons in how to deal with squirrels. She chatters at them, luckily on the inside of a window.

  2. Love his multi coloured eyes 🙂

  3. WOW….a non violent cat

    • He or she is pretty cool about things. Terrified of me, but maybe that will change. The other cat is a lot better. I love black cats. Happy Halloween Gretchen.

  4. I have seen cats run away from squirrels but I have never seen one that close sitting peacefully and watching. It must be your good influence on the neighborhood.

    • I think the cat is just mellow. The squirrel almost bounced off of his side but he didn’t even stand up, just watched him run away. Everyone seems to get alone. All three of the cats are polite. But the first stray is the boss, no doubt about it:)

  5. Wow! I’m so glad everyone is so nice and tolerant 🙂

    • I was surprised at that one. The squirrel pretty much bounced off the cat but the cat was…so cool about it. As I said, everyone is very polite. I just saw a baby possum out there eating but too dark for a picture. Cute wee one though.

  6. We had a black cat that we named “Mr. Cool”. Because he seemed so imperturbable.

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