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  1. So true.

    Dealing with what my doctor says is a terminal illness, I’ve come to see how little is really important, and how many seemingly small things add up to what life’s all about.

    • I’m so sorry Andrew. Like Hawk, below, I also hope that your doctor is mistaken or that things change for the better very soon. Breakthroughs are made everyday. You never know what the future holds.

      And, I understand what you are saying. When I wrote this, I was thinking of people I know who concentrate on every bit of food they eat, to make sure there are no carbs in, they talk about it, think about it, make it their whole lives. Or those who fixate on a certain muscle the want to make more pronounced. They seem to forget about life in general. People today are fixated on being happy or fit or having their children in 27 sports a week. They are driven and never seem to enjoy anything. Everyone is exhausted and out of sorts.

      But I agree with you, seemingly small things do make a difference, they add up to what life is all about. Life is made up of one small thing after another. I think you are absolutely correct in saying that few of the things we think of as important, are truly important. That was my point exactly. We need to look farther and embrace life as a whole…see the bigger picture. Maybe, if we could do that, we could have peace. Our country focuses on such tiny parts of things, a petal, rather than a field of flowers. Our ideas are blurred by looking so closely at one thing, no matter what it is.

      Thank you for your comment. I will be thinking about you and sending healing thoughts your way. ❤

      • Thanks so much.

        The small things..we run a sanctuary for abandoned and abused dogs, and the touch of a cold nose is worth more than I can express.

        And the look of happiness in eyes that once knew only fear and rejection…nothing beats it.

        They have taught me about love.

        That’s my mission, and I intend to survive to continue to serve these creatures to whom I owe so much.

      • That’s so fantastic. I was an animal rights activist for years and years. Demonstrated, wrote a million letters, did all we could to help change things. Stop animal testing at Northwestern, Stop furriers, stop animal abuse, Walk-a-Thons for shelters, petitions. Still belong to many organizations that help animals. I agree…animals are one of the best things in the world and to give love and freedom from fear and abuse to a dog or cat, or any animal is the most important thing a person can do. I wish you luck and prosperity and you better stay as healthy as possible because you have a tremendous amount of work to do, love to give, and animals to save. Hugs and ❤ my friend. And those are BIG things, by the way. Really BIG. I'm so grateful for the work you do.

  2. I have been guilty of this far too often. And to Andrew – may the doctor be wrong. Peace . . .

    • Thanks. I intend to prove him wrong. The answer to the threat of death is a life, every moment, fully lived.

      And a battle fought with a full heart, and ferocity unfettered. When it’s done, the demons of Hell will fear my presence, and God and all His angels will bow their heads and step aside as I walk through Heaven’s gates.

      Thus do I refute the abyss.

      • I shall stand, and refute it with you. I believe in you, and that you will prevail. Peace and health and the demons be damned . . .

      • Thanks, Risinghawk. You’ve given me heart.

        Today is turning into an action replay of Isandlwana, and I’ve lost quite a bit of blood – very dizzy. Really sucks.


        I am wounded but am not slain.
        I will lay me down to bleed awhile,
        and then I’ll rise to fight again.

        If you want a miracle, be the miracle.

      • It sounds like it seriously sucks. It is you that have given me heart – your strength and determination are beyond inspiring. Let the miracle come, rising up from within you. Strength and peace to you . . .

      • Go Andrew! Be the miracle! I believe in you. ❤

    • We have been trained to do it. But with effort we can keep reminding ourselves to STOP and just live. ❤

  3. Bling this is wisdom here! We are fine just like we are you are so wise! 😄💗

    • We keep trying to make life into something else. It’s just LIFE…it doesn’t NEED to be anything else. There is no true standard of perfection because perfection changes constantly and it’s different for everyone. No one knows what’s good for us and what’s not. Giving up something often leads to new and worse problems. We just cannot stop trying to not be what we are…part of nature and nature knows how to take care of Herself. We screw everything up by fighting what is. Sigh. At least that’s what I think. Who knows. Lv u Bling<3

  4. Bernieshoot said:

    Enjoy life, enjoy present time

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