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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A great bonfire will be held late next month and everyone is looking forward to the fall party.  The guests are mostly healthy and many of the local Factory Farms are empty.  Flower and Rene are still madly in love and they are always together.  They are committed to saving as many animals as they can and they rarely stop working.  Things are getting back to normal and the chicklets are delighted to have so many new friends.

Comments on: "Clean up at The Coop has begun…" (17)

  1. fall is right around the corner, a busy season for the chicks I’m sure.
    Must be tidy too, get organized. Sweet!

  2. All grown up! Isn’t it amazing how kids get old all at once ………

  3. laurie27wsmith said:

    Who is the adorable chicklet sitting on the rake handle?

  4. Shew they need things to be normal! How sweet for the Chicklets!

  5. After the coop clean-up – can they come help me with my fall cleaning?

  6. snagged for 8/15 🙂

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