Under the bridge…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADumbledore said this to Harry Potter.  I don’t like Dumbledore.  He knew Harry was being abused by his family, all those years, and did nothing to stop it.  He lied, and withheld the truth, constantly and  he used Harry as well.  Definitely not Dumbledore fan.  Blah.  Snape cared more about Harry than Dumbledore did.  Dumbledore was the real bad guy.  Supposedly he loved Harry but who cares?   Time and time again Dumbledore sent Harry to die.  Not really a useful kind of caring, if you ask me.  He did it for the “Greater Good.”  Yeah right.  I don’t think so.  Dumbledore used  and manipulated people and he was a liar on top of it.  I don’t like people who do those things, even when they are fictional characters.  And yes, I was a huge Harry Potter fan.    It’s all about the magick, after all.

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7 Responses to Under the bridge…

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    But Richard Harris was a great actor…

    • I loved him but he was only in the first two films. It’s not the acting, it’s the character I didn’t like.

      • yeseventhistoowillpass says:

        I totally understand.. No one liked Dracula but Bela Lugosi was a great actor… No one liked the guy in Blue Velvet but they liked Dennis Hoppet:)

  2. I have never read Harry Potter. I’ve never seen the movies. I have an aversion to all things overly popular. If I don’t get to the books before the hysteria starts, I’m likely to skip them.
    That’s a great quote! Sometimes bringing the happy can be as simple as flipping a switch. It’s usually the obvious that’s overlooked…

    • Harry Potter is one of the bet written series, maybe ever. Her writing is amazing. Seriously, amazing. The books are fantastic. They are sOOOOOOOO good for children and teach so many important lessons, without trying. Loyalty, friendship, love, sacrifice, doing the right thing, trust…well you get my drift. Fantastic books. The films are excellent. The first and second really follow the books and I like them. Directed by Chris Columbus. The rest of the films add things and change things, here and there, but they are still great, just annoying to fans. I’m still a fan but a lot more calm about it:) Yes, I have lots of HP t-sirts, etc….I told you…I’m a fan. LOL Happy Da Like I said, it’s all about the magick.

      • I have to admit that I have all of the books sitting on a shelf, my brother gave them to me. I’ll get to them eventually. I read a lot anyway.
        : )
        I’ll do it, all for the magick. Magick is good

      • After you read them watch the movies:) The first book seems more like it’s for kids but keep going. I hope you like them:) We stood in line to get out books…LOL At midnight…and started reading IMMEDIATELY. We had to wait for each one, you get to read them all in a row:)

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