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  1. unless you have like a pretty bad terminal case of cancer or it’s suicide or a serial killer or a comet is going to destroy the earth and you’re like, i’m doing this my way

  2. Unless you are competing in a “Spelling Bee” 🙂 But seriously folks if anybody does feel that low come see me and I will show you something that will make you change your mind. I have been places Orpheus wouldn’t go 🙂 and I can charm animals with my music 🙂 and I am always “Still alive” 🙂 There should be no suicide, life is survivable.

    • Having said that I need to clear one thing up, I support the idea of an intelligent person deciding to leave on their own terms. I am aware that it is not always that great. Utter despair is something different as is absolute terror. Don’t jump! Here is my strong arm 🙂

      • Unfortunately, the offer of a strong arm doesn’t always help. Some people can be helped when, and if, help is available. It’s just that not everyone can be helped and that doesn’t always mean that people have failed him/her. Sometimes it’s just time for someone to leave. It always seems as if something should have or could have been done, to stop it from happening but realistically, if that were true, then something would have been done. If you believe that things happen for a reason, you can’t overlook the fact that things happened they way they were supposed to happen. It’s always the living who have to deal with deaths. Some people are mentally ill and are driven to it, others have lost hope or interest. There are as many reasons for suicides as those who choose to do it. Society is very demanding and there’s little room for not meeting expectations. One of the biggest causes for suicide in kids is bullying and, in spite of the anti-bullying programs, nothing is really being done to stop it. Bullies are rarely punished or stopped from doing what they do. The lives of a lot of kids are living hells because of bullies and the only way they can see to end it is by dying. How awful is that? To be young and hate your life so much that you would rather die, than face another day in school. It seems that no one can control the bullies. And what happens to the bullies? They keep on doing what they do and grow up to do it to adults. I wonder if they ever think about the kids they drove to their deaths? Anyway, it’s a subject each of us has to decide for ourselves. If I ever get sick…I’m outta here. My choice, my way. Whenever I’m ready to go…I know how to find the door.

    • I think suicide is always an option. People need to have a way out. We can’t know what others are going though and some things simply cannot be resolved any other way. We need a way to exit, if we want to go. Suicide was always available until the catholic church made a law against it. Too many people were killing themselves and they needed money so they outlawed suicide. People who are ill and have no hope of recovery should always have that option. No one should be forced to suffer. It’s cruel and inhumane. Assisted suicide should be available to those who want it. The end of life should not be made worse for the dying person and his/her family because laws stop doctors from helping people die. It’s funny, our government will give kids guns and send them to kill healthy people but doctor’s can’t help sick people die with dignity.

  3. Gotcha and by the way love ya. I have been in some very tough places and I totally agree, Without getting too complicated we are the working classes and we are not meant to live forever. That is cool and I do support. the intelligent option to leave. That is probably what I will do when I am ready, I am the boss of my own life. Sometimes despair grasps us at an inappropriate moment. Sometimes the Bastards come at us hard.. I am Colin and I have an awesome strong arm 🙂

  4. Nice that all the sentiments under the bridge are positive but this one i disagree with. It is an option…not one to be taken lightly but an option still….even though it is “illegal”.

    I know you feel this way as well, live and die on your own tems.

    • Definitely. I think suicide should always be an option. It should definitely be legal. Assisted suicide for dying people should also be legal, for those who choose to die. No one should be forced to suffer, as doctors look on. They take a vow to “cause no harm,” but allowing people to suffer is causing harm to the person and the person’s family. It’s cruel and inhumane. Horrifying to watch someone struggle to die but they won’t help. They keep saying their hands are tied, it’s Illegal in whatever state you’re in that hasn’t passed any laws to make it legal, they could lose there license. So people suffer. Horrible. Hateful and UNFORGIVABLE!

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