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Comments on: "Hope for the future…hope for peace a TED talk" (9)

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    TED Talks for Peace

  2. Thank you for sharing 🙂 ❤ TED talks.

  3. Absolutely wonderful. There _is_ hope. Thanks for sharing.

    • We need hope. I liked her way of speaking. I liked her. It was nice to get her viewpoint because what we see and hear seems so negative. She was positive and hopeful and showed us that changes ARE actually taking place.

      • Her? In the video I watched it was a man speaking. 😕
        I’m intrigued to see the video you watched. The one I watched was great.
        Oh, I just had a quick look and it seems you linked to a series of 8 talks. I watched the one with John Hunter. Which one did you watch?

  4. Thank you. I didn’t realize that I had linked you to all 8 of them. I just put the one with the woman on my blog. I’m so happy you pointed out the fact that I didn’t do them individually. Thanks again:)

  5. I love the Law of Attraction. Yesterday, I re-watched Jody William’s Peace talk. I thought, this would be great posted on the Artists4Peace site. And then I saw that you did just that. 😀

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