Art and the philosophy of life

Think about it…

our illustrious “leaders” and heads of state
would have us believe that we live in a world of


when, in fact, our world is overflowing with


our “leaders,” and heads of state


the world’s resources and because they do
many people know only

starvation, poverty, scarcity, disease and


if we believe their lies, they can get us to


for THEIR greedy causes

because look around you
there is abundance everywhere
just not for us

just for the greedy, insatiable leaders
who do everything for their OWN good

and all the while
they sit back and pull their strings
as the world wars on
and people everywhere




It’s time that we work, not fight, for peace.  We have to end the fighting, we have to work for peace.  We need new pictures in our heads and around us…we need new stories.  New HISTORY books…books without war, without CELEBRATIONS of war, HEROES of war, lies about war, tales written by the victors.  We are literally TEACHING children that WAR is a way of life.  We NEVER talk about PEACE as a way of life.  I’ve said it before…we have a gigantic DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE but we don’t have a Department for Peace.  We are taught to believe that war is the answer when, in fact, the answer might be PEACE.  Stop studying about war, stop watching the pictures they are putting into our heads.  We need to see life from a different perspective.  We are being CONDITIONED AND BRAINWASHED into believing that fighting and killing is the only way life can be lived/experienced…but we have never tried peace.  I think the time has come.  We need to WORK for peace and we need to do it now.

Comments on: "Think about it…" (6)

  1. OnTheWay said:

    Very true, only hands of the few are getting richer, but hands of the most are getting poorer! Soon we’ll have to pay taxes on the air we breathe! There’s no fear in me when it comes to government, i used to be anxious but now i just relax and stay true to the truth . One friend of mine said that USA should start a war because of the plane shot down few days ago,…this is the example of thinking we need to get RID of! Less wars = more peace, more understandin, more love!

  2. That’s the point…we are TAUGHT to want to fight as a FIRST resort. We have been trained to think that WAR is OKAY, that WAR IS the answer. We have literally been BRAINWASHED to think in this manner. We need to STOP. No War…just ART. Great comment. Thank you.

  3. Hmmm should we add the last part of this to the A4P submission guidleines? or add it on another page as a “mission statement”?

  4. Not going to get on my soap box cause I have already had many threats from some of these political sites…I think I told you even my address (or what they thought was my address) was made available because one such site did not approve of my comment…it’s a sad world.

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