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Thank you Michelle.


This is a huge Thank You to Michelle Marie for designing what is now THE Artists 4 Peace logo. 

You can see much more of her fabulous work on her blog Tell Me About It

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Comments on: "Thank you Michelle!" (10)

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass said:

    She sure knows her graphic art media…

  2. Bling I just saw this and had no idea what you had in mind. I truly believe in your goodness, and being peaceful and wanted to help you and sweet Melanie! I’m humbled and don’t know what to say, except how much I love you and your sweet giving heart! We share a love for the Bling in life, all those sparkly things that catch your eye and make you stop and smile. I love it when that happens. You made my day today Bling! I didn’t even post a thing today I’ve been so busy and just stopped to see this! Yay for Bling and Artists4Peace I pray for peace in our heart, minds and souls everyday! 😀 Let it reign!

    • They were all wonderful but we felt so rushed to get things going because of the amazing response, we chose and cancelled the contest. Each one was wonderful and they are all on the blog. These are talented artists who are generous with their time and their work and we are so very grateful.

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