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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass said:

    They are mostly owned by scoundrel Rupert Murdock and his right wing friends…

    • Yup and we get the news the owners want us to get, all tied up with a nice bow. The only thing papers are good for is wrapping garbage. No free press. It’s censorship and right wing politics. I agree completely.

  2. I think Mimi and Rene’s story and their photos should be posted all over these shabby boxes and brighten up everyone’s day before they read all the bad stuff in the papers.

    • I think she is on to something 😀

    • I appreciate that so very much. You are so sweet. I think people should stop reading papers and watching the news…it’s all lies anyway. Bad stuff and depressing stuff and lies. Life is much nicer with out both of those things.:) Thank you again:)

    • It would be so much nicer to have everyone contribute to a creative and artsy paper, rather than the papers we are “given.” Unfortunately, I don’t know if anyone would read them, in today’s world. Between that an TV… It seems as if most people want violence and false reality shows so they can watch other people live, instead of living themselves. All the papers are run by the owners point of view, which is right-wing politics and lies. Same with the news. There’s no truth in what we are shown, it’s a point of view. Everything is slanted to make people believe what the people in charge want them to believe. I haven’t read a paper or watched the news in years and I’m happier and not nearly as angry about the outrageous things I used to see and hear. 🙂 If we all stopped watching and listening…what would THEY, the propagandists and polluters do? How would they brain wash us? How would they be able to reach us?

  3. if i look at this photo, it reminds me of my journey to new york last year. now, after seeing your photo i want to travel. right now! 🙂

  4. LOL I feel the same way, when I see a photo that triggers a feeling or looks like something I want to see:)

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