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ChicagoI’m not sure what this is but it’s in Chicago (NOT downtown).  Looks interesting…like a grain silo or something for cement.  I have no idea.

Thanks to Melanie we know it’s a grain elevator.  She found this cool link all about them with excellent photographs…check it out.  Thank you Melanie AGAIN!!!!!!

Wordifull Melanie

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  1. judging my all the razor wire I’m guessing it’s not something happy!

  2. Jennifer said:

    Or a bunch of smoke stacks? Grain elevator is a good guess.

    • I think so too but it seems strange for the city.

      • Jennifer said:

        It is odd – something I’d see with the outskirts coming in from Michigan City when Ivar’s mom had a home in Beverly Shores ………… very weird.

      • Looks like a grain elevator to me as well. It’s on Lake Street. I think that’s where I took it. I don’t know if it’s working or not.

      • Jennifer said:

        Well if I knew where Lake Street is ……… I know Division and Damon cause his mom lived off of there on Marion Court. I know downtown! I know Michigan Ave. and Lakeshore Drive! I want to shop there NOW.

      • Michigan Ave is full of restaurants and outdoor cafes’. It’s a lot of fun. Nothing like it used to be but way more laid back and easy going. Lake Street runs under the tracks. I’m from a different part of the city…Irving and Austin, which is not close to Division and Damon. You would enjoy it. The new wing of the Art Institute, the gardens, Band Shelter, all the art work, etc. Maybe you will come up here sometime and you can play:)

  3. It is a grain elevator…if you look at the link below you will see the first picture they show is the same thing you photographed 🙂
    ((Can’t help it…had to look it up…I was always the one to find answers at my old job…guess training dies

  4. I put the link on the post. Thank you, as always.. Appreciate your skills:) Hugs.

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