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An incident at The CoopHere’s the story.  For the last few days, the chicklets have been giving Mimmi wedding gifts.  So far she has received portraits, drawn with crayons, flowers, wing-made potholders a vase made from clay and hardened by the sun, two blue bottles for her window sill and a head band with tiny red hearts.   Today, Rene offered his gift.  Mimmi chirped, “thank you,” and preceded to open the present.  She gasped, and her eyes immediately filled with tears, when she looked down and saw Rene’s gnawed spoon laying in the open box.  Barely able to peep, so overcome with emotion, she looked at Rene, who was staring at her, hoping for a smile, and chirped, “My darling chicklet, your heart is so filled with love.  She sniffed and wiped at her eyes with her wing.  You have sacrificed so much, in order to give this perfect gift to me.  I accept it with all my heart, little chicklet.”

Rene, peeped and chirped, even thought his heart was breaking.  He flapped his wings and tried to look happy.  The other chicklets were horrified and all holding their breath.  They were shocked to see the spoon surrounded by tissue paper.  No one knew what to say…so they said nothing at all.

Mimmi thought for a moment and then said, “Rene, this is a lovely gift and I will cherish it for my entire life, as I will all of my wonderful gifts, but this is a very valuable spoon.  I’m not sure it will be safe in my home, when I’m not there.  Rene started to flutter his wings.  “I know this is asking a lot but do you think you might take charge of the spoon until I need it?  I would appreciate it more than I can ever say.  I know how busy you are but if you could watch over the spoon it would make me so very, very happy.  It’s a big job, because I probably won’t use the spoon very often, so you’ll have to care for it most of the time.”

Rene was overwhelmed with joy.  Once he was able to peep, “YES,”  all of the other chicklets let out their breath and relaxed.  Mimmi thanked him again and the chicklets all gathered around Rene and rubbed beaks with him.  They wanted to show him that they knew what he had done and they wanted to let him know they all loved him.

Rene is now in charge of the spoon’s safety and he takes his job seriously.  He knows that the spoon no longer belongs to him, even thought it feels as if it does.  Everyone at The Coop knows about Rene’s sacrifice, love and selflessness. The adorable and kind chicklet gave the thing he loved most to someone else, just to show how much he cared.  Mimmi said that she is rewriting her vows and basing them on Rene and his loving generosity.



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    • Thank you. My adult daughter was texting and calling me all day…she was terrified I would give his spoon away or make him wait until tomorrow to get it back. I wrote it like this so she would be okay:) LOL

      • LOL you can’t take the baby’s spoon away! : )

      • She was so funny…all day, even last night she was stressed about it:)

      • It wouldn’t be right seeing him without that spoon!! That’s so funny.

        I was flipping through your blog, apparently I miss some things using the stupid reader on my phone… I got caught up a little bit.

      • That happens to me all the time. I wonder where someone went or why they aren’t posting anything and the Reader has DROPPED THEM ENTIRELY or they just don’t show their posts. I have no idea why. It’s annoying, because I never remember the names of the blogs I follow so I can’t find them until they come back on my blog.

      • It’s so irritating, there has to be a better way. I’m just probably not smart enough to figure it out lol

      • There is another way to get the posts sent to email. Someone explained it to me but I didn’t understand what they were saying. I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it, otherwise.

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass said:

    If I was home right now I might round up the ladies and read them this story. A touching story at the coup:)

    • Thank you so much:) You can tell them about it later. I’m sure they will enjoy it:)

      • yeseventhistoowillpass said:

        I thought I lost them this morning.. I awoke to clucking not anywhere near the coup. I guess the realtor had let them out but never locked them up…

      • OMG, I’m so happy they’re okay!!!!!!!! With the dangerous birds and animals around you that was so dangerous. 😦 But it’s all okay and you can make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Bling this is so sweet! Rene is a sweet wonderful giving friend! I love this story! It’s like a to be continued story and I love it! 😀

  3. I am tearing up. This is the most precious, sweetest, loving, lovely, little family. I knew there is a reason why I adore Rene so much. xxxxx

  4. ooooh, thank you very much:) I’m so happy you like Rene. He’s very sweet chicklet:) Thank you again.

  5. Oh, my heart is bursting. You have such a sweet daughter to be so concerned , she is an angel for sure.

    • I keep telly her he will be okay but she was stressed out. LOL She kept saying, “Don’t drag it out and make everyone wait to find if he gets his spoon back, do it right away.” On and on…LOL Quite concerned:) She was so worried. 🙂 She is an angle and she loves Rene.

  6. risinghawk said:

    I love this story! So much powerful truth in it, and deftly told. Peace . . .

  7. what a sweet and loving gift )

  8. I a lagging behind quite a bit reading posts but I am sooooo glad I didn’t miss this. Just beautiful…hang on, just getting a tissue through happiness. Thank you daughter for asking not to drag this story out I would have been beside myself.

    • I will tell her. That’s so very sweet of you. She still hasn’t read it, she was terrified (even though I told her he would still have his spoon) that he would be without his spoon overnight. She’s at work and I had to tell her again that Rene was okay. She’s going to read it tonight. She texted and called all day yesterday to make sure I wouldn’t drag it out. 🙂

  9. laurie27wsmith said:

    This is soul talk for the masses Gigi. valuable lessons shown in a loving, simple way. Beautiful. Oh, I’m happy Rene gets to keep his spoon. 😉

  10. I love Rene and his spoon. I love that he was willing to part with it, no greater gift. Reminds me of the Gift of the Magi story. I was so relieved when Mimmi asked him to look after it for her. Everyone at the Coop is so wonderful and loving.

    I didn’t just tear up i was full on crying over here.

    • I’m so happy that you liked it. I kept feeling that he couldn’t think of anything to make. He saw all the gifts the other chicklets were working on and he thought about something he could offer that would show how happy he was and how much he loved Mimmi. Finally, he thought of his spoon. He knew it wasn’t a wing “made” present but he felt that it was the best gift he could give. I was all teary eyed typing it. The chicklets live in my mind and I feel all of their emotions. LOL That sounds silly but I really do just draw what they tell me to draw. This was Rene’s story. I didn’t know that Mimmi was going to rewrite her vows until I typed it 🙂

  11. I’m so glad Debbie was looking out for Rene. 😀

    • It was so funny. I kept reassuring her. She still hasn’t read it. I keep telling her he still has the spoon but she thought he wrapped it and wouldn’t have it back until the Wedding. In spite of the fact that I WAS WRITING THE STORY and telling her he had the spoon at the end…she couldn’t read it. Sigh and LOLOLOLOL

      • LOL well she has a right to be worried…as you said you are not in control…you only draw what they tell you to 😀 LOLOLOL

      • She still won’t read it. Not until I paint a picture with Rene holding his spoon. I hardly know what to say. She talked to me all the way home from work and said that she doesn’t want to see the spoon in the box. LOLOLOL That’s my girl:)

  12. ~meredith said:

    I love reading the comments almost as much as this tender, darling story. I get your blog by mail, and I save the chicklet stories in a folder to share with my grandson. He’s crazy about the chicklets. He especially relates to Rene. (he thinks seeing the spoon in Rene’s beak is funny, and he belly laughs when he sees any pictures of Rene… he apparently got the idea to do toddler-type stuff with a wooden spoon in his mouth, but mommy said, no, and grandma had to explain some things… and they were funny, too.)

    Thanks for the loveliness. Meredith

    • You just made my day! This is such a wonderful story. Thank you so very, very much. I’m so happy your grandson likes the chicklets. Rene is an extra sweet chicklet but small boys should not spend time with a wooden spoon in their mouths. LOLOL I love it:) I agree. The comments are wonderful and I just love getting them. That’s definitely the best part of all:) Thank you again:)

  13. That is too funny that Deb will not look at it 🙂 So to add to that….

    I have shown Brian just a few of your chicklet photos…enough that he knows what i’m talking about… I specifically showed him a couple with Rene and his spoon so he would know who I’m talking about.. (YES I talk about the chicklet’s adventures and call some of them by name…LOL)

    Anyway so tonight when Brian came home from work i told him about Rene giving his spoon as a wedding gift and I swear he had glisteny eyes going on… I offered to show him the picture and he said “I DON’T want to see THAT… it is heartbreaking” LOL i was surprised he was so effected…he is not nearly as invested. I had to let him know it all worked out and Rene is still in charge of the spoon.


    • I LOVE this. I can’t tell you just how much. I’ll be happy all day because of this wonderful and adorable story. Brian is so sweet. Thank you soooooooo much for telling me about this. Give Brian a hung from me and one from Rene. Thank you:) XXOO

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