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This is important information that will probably leave you feeling helpless.


Defense Department Admits to Human Population Control

“A very dark philosophy is spreading like wildfire among the global elite…an obsessive belief that humanity has become a cancer that is destroying the earth.”

blockquote-blueIt would be very difficult to understate just how obsessed many members of the global elite are with human  population control. There are now large numbers of global leaders that are convinced that the exploding population of the world has become like a virus or a plague, and that it must be combated as such. The United Nations puts out position papers about it, universities have entire courses dedicated to it, radical population control advocates have been appointed to some of the highest political positions in the world and some of the wealthiest people on the planet get together just to talk about it.” – Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream, “Yes, They Really Do Want To Reduce The Population.”

Now the…

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Comments on: "Defense Department Admits to Human Population Control" (12)

  1. Horrendous but not surprising.

  2. yeseventhistoowillpass said:

    That Aspertane they put in diet soda has birth control properties.. The Bilderburgs want to cut the number of people on this planet… Guess what? They are getting people hooked on diet soda containing wait for it wait for it… Aspertane.

    • Yes, their name is dripping with icky stuff. They can do anything they want to do with the cattle. We need to do something about making money obsolete or different than it is today. That’s why they have power. Money. Money is power.

  3. Not at all surprising… Sad and disgusting but not surprising.

  4. I couldn’t agree more:(

  5. Orwell’s 1984 is alive and well 😦
    On this side of the globe as well…horrible & upsetting, but sadly, but not surprising…

    • I do think this is a global thing. They (rich and powerful) have been setting this up for years. Now they no longer feel as if they need to hide everything so they are becoming more blatant about taking our rights and freedoms. Very sad, indeed.

  6. ~meredith said:

    watched the film and learned about this in biology in the mid-seventies:

    In a 40-year career, mostly at the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Calhoun demonstrated that as population density increased, social behavior degenerated.

    Among other findings, he developed the concept of universal autism — in which all members of the last generation of mice in an increasingly crowded environment are incapable of the social behavior that would allow them to produce the next generation. And he described a phenomenon in which some mice become “beautiful ones,” maintaining their physical appearance, but doing little else, as the population swells.”

    the end result, as shown in the film, was that once the population reached peak proportions, the mice reduced their population… through various means… until it stabilized. i remember my shock, and how intensely it affected me.

    • The scariest part is that the elite CHOOSE who lives and who doesn’t. They can put things into our water or food and cutdown on live births or pregnancies. They are, most likely already doing that and that’s why so many people are having to go to extreme measures to get pregnant. We are being manipulated by people who are powerful, greedy, egomaniacal, selfish and out for whatever they can get for themselves. I believe we are overpopulated. I disagree about who wants to do something about it and why. Terrifying in its implications.

  7. So WRONG. So scary.

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