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Just because...“Just because,” is the only reason you need, to eat cake (and ice cream).

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  1. Rookienotes said:

    I bought ice cream today just because 🙂

  2. Agreed! You’re making me wish I had some right now! 🙂

  3. There is some in my freezer and I am trying very hard to resist the urge…trying I have been so good.

  4. Brian and i just ate fresh brownies out of the oven served with vanilla ice cream on top 🙂

  5. YES BLING I was thinking about cake. We are having cake for BB birthday on June 29th. I’m so excited. I wish we lived closer we would all have cake on her BBBday! Can you send cake in the mail? would it even taste good. I think Cheesecake Factory is a must don’t you for 21? She said since it’s a Sunday that she was waiting. OH NO! There will be some BLING at least and Lots of cake. I love this I’m reblogging it! 😀 I love you!

    • Thank you and OMG, yes, there must be cake for the big 21!!!!!!!! I wished we lived closer as well. What fun that would be:) This is such a big birthday for BB. No more fake ID’s 🙂 LOL Happy, happy:) I’m not sure about mailing cake but you never know:)

      • I know BLING! BB doesn’t drink because she hates the taste but she said, “I’m going to try everything and get alcohol poisoning joking of course.” She loves to say when she’s leaving “Bye mom, I’m going to drive 100mph down the highway while texting without my seatbelt, I’m on my way to take a boat ride but first I’m going to cliff dive, then oh yes I’m going to drink and take drugs and have crazy wild sex with men I don’t know. ” YOU realize BLING those are all the things I’ve cautioned her not to do? It’s our joke because then I always say, “Wear your seatbelt.” Always! So silly of me I know! I can’t stop saying just one more thing and if I pause to stop myself she’ll always say MOM I know! OK just so you know! Happy Happy Happy 21 we love birthdays so much we have birthday week! Why not! 😀

      • That’s so funny. I love it:) We do say the same things over and over…LOL You’re right…we can’t help ourselves. Yes, Big birthday coming up for BB. Yay!!! She’s really legal now.

  6. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    YES let them eat cake and lots of it. My BLING~CAKE and all things shiny friend always knows what to say! WE ❤ Cake!

  7. Just because… I can.

  8. …and cannoli!! 🙂

  9. I have had a couple of ice cream evenings. For no reason. I just wanted to eat ice cream.

    • That’s what life should be all about…Just because. We don’t need reasons to live or be happy…we just have to enjoy life and do things because they are there to do…just because:) I hope your ice cream was delicious…did the dogs have any? Vicious Beast usually gets some:)

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