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18 Responses to Face

  1. Rivera says:

    She’s intriguing.. to say the least.

  2. words4jp says:

    She reminds me of me these past few days – something sad in the eyes… on a happy note – cannot wait to get my Face – your Face in the mail:)

    • I am sending you an original face and I am retuning your money. I am not satisfied with the way the printing is turning out. I am mailing it today. I am so very, very, sorry about this inconvenience. I closed the “shop.” I will be mailing everything today:) It’s not the face you ordered…but I hope you will accept it as an apology. Again, thank you and I’m so sorry.

      • words4jp says:

        Please do not apologize. And there is no need to return my money. I am excited to have a piece of your art wort work. It is truly beautiful and I hope that whatever the issues are, they can be sorted out and you can go back into business;)I mean this – your art is lovely and it touches people.

      • Mailed everything today. I somehow lost the picture you wanted. I was so incredibly stressed out that I didn’t trim the picture I sent to you…LOL so please cut it to fit whatever you like. Sigh. I also included a chicklet as well as you money. You are a wonderful friend. I appreciate you very much:) You should get it tomorrow or Monday, I would imagine. 🙂 Hugs.

  3. I just love these faces you paint! they are so full of emotion, just gorgeous : )

  4. Really lovley. I love the grey. To me i see something simmering below the surface.

  5. just read your comments above…i hope you can work out the printing isses…that makes me really sad. If you can’t get results you like perhaps you could consider selling the original watercolors…BUT since they would be one of a kind originals you would of course have to raise the price.

  6. Thank you:) Each one has to be loaded, pictures fit into boxes, stories written, etc., lots of little things that take a really long time. It’s definitely an idea though:)

  7. Bling you are selling your face? Why did I not know this??? Am I a dingy BLING friend? I think so! Where was your store or is it? I want to get some of your faces too! Email me about this!
    that said:
    This looks like BB when she doesn’t feel good. Her eyes look up like that I have the photo. I have this weird thing I take photos of BB when she’s in the hospital. I have an entire collection of photos of her sick. WHY? I don’t know. This is how she looks with her sweet blue eyes, that she swears are green. Whatever! She’s so silly!

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