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Fairy Party

The Fairy Party was wonderful.  Everyone had fun and the food was delicious.  One of the fairies decided to stay for a while and is riding in Mickie’s pocket.  The chicklets are tired but there is a sleep over in the field tonight, so sleeping bags are being lined up and a bonfire will be lit as soon as it gets dark.  Stories will be told and songs will be chirped. No marshmallows, of course,  but lots of cake and ice cream will be available.  Some of the guests are staying until tomorrow, so the night will be exciting and a wonderful finish to the day’s festivities.

Comments on: "Fairy Party" (19)

  1. So cute, i love it

  2. If I haven’t told you lately you are the best! You always bring happy smiles 🙂

  3. Oh so dear my dear.

  4. laurie27wsmith said:

    Darn! I missed it. 😦

  5. ha, i bet the squirrels and bunny managed to be there too!

    • They actually were there. Some of the guest from the last party returned for more fun. They will start making Mother’s Day gifts today. They are planning a party for all of the hens, so they, once again, have a lot to do:)

  6. Please, Please put me on the invitation list

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