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Gerald and Sydnee


The last of the paper butterflies are going up.  The party is tomorrow and there is still a lot to do…everyone is busy having fun.  Starting Monday, the chicklets will begin to prepare for Mother’s Day.

Comments on: "Gerald and Sydnee" (21)

  1. My, my, they’re always so busy, and so creative! 🙂

  2. I love what they do.

  3. What fun decorations.

  4. These just go from adorable to more adorable! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  5. I absolutely love these guys! They make me smile, as do the rubber ducks and all their antics! CJ

  6. I need some of those to hang in my room 🙂 So pretty 🙂

    • LOL You should draw some:) The cats would like to leap at them when they move:)

      • LOL I’m sure they would…
        My precious little Macchiato attacked me last night. She was laying across my stomach and chest with her head on my arm…alll snuggly and sweet. Brian and I were watching The Sound of Music and I started singing along…Well i iguess she is a critic and didn’t appreciate my singing voice. Next thing i knew my face was bleeding. (Just one little spot)

        I’m ok…it will not scar…but damn I didn’t think my singing was THAT bad. 🙂

      • OMG…the image I have…I can just see it. LOLOLOLOL A critic…your singing…too much. I’m glad you’re okay:) Was Macchiato sorry for the attack? I still can’t believe she did that. Sigh.

      • LOL are you kidding… sorry? I went and cleaned my face off came and sat back down and she sauters back over and jumps back on my lap like nothing even happened. I tried to be mad..told her no, made her get down…but she quickly jumped back up…she won as always. Soon she was sleeping in my arms…

        Yeah she can be a bit of a shit at times… in a split second can go from purring to clawing. But she is my little shit and i love her.

  7. We had one of those. Lots of people were attacked and bitten in our house, especially strangers. Everyone was terrified of her, even the German Shepard. Mean cat. 🙂 Oh well, she was ours and that’s the way she was…so I understand. We are all push-overs in their sweet paws. And, don’t forget, we have the Vicious Beast. Crazy, insane dog, and I mean that sincerely. Sigh.

    • Well she isn’t that bad…no strangers are harmed 🙂 She reserves her “love” for me and Brian. 😀

      • Gota, our cat, was awful. People would sit on the couch and suddenly blood would be running down their arm. Everyone was terrified when they saw her. She took the food out of the mouth of our German Shepherd. He let her. I had to use heavy reinforced workman glove to grab her when she was mad. Scary cat. When she was little Debbie used to dress her up in baby clothes that had feet in them because it was the only time she could hold her. LOL Sigh. Oh well, no one is perfect, right?

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