White feathered beauty

Th halo around this bird makes her look like a great white feathered Goddess (I don’t know if it’s actually a female).  This is a reblog.  Taken at Busch Garden in Florida.

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8 Responses to Ethereal

  1. Oh Bling I love these birds. I think it’s glowing! LIKE BLING

  2. I emailed back:) Going to shut down. Hope you get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

  3. Lovely. I’m now working on a crane images. Awesome birds….prehistoric, ethereal.

  4. Keavaa says:

    Its as if the bird could barely contain all if its life force, so strong was its internal energy. The glow being that which couldn’t all be contained, leaving its imprint on all those that saw it.

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